It Has Begun…

I didn’t plan to post again so soon… is slow here in blogland and summer is all too fleeting in The Great White North but…

I saw the first of them.

Those harbingers of doom – the annoying people who start posting about it being halfway through the year and “better start planning for Christmas”. Don’t even get me started on “Back To School” being in the shops already. What happened to enjoying the moment?!


I didn’t start it but it brought to mind that yes, I will be crafting for people and I suspect some of you may be too. So, I thought that I’d mention that I’ve been updating yarns for sale on my Ravelry stash tab – yes, still unpacking and organizing. There is lots new including: much sought after limited edition colours, discontinued and out of business Indie sock yarn, Socks That Rock!, Rowan yarns – several that are discontinued, cashmere, alpaca, Lucky Lurker “Duets” sock yarns and some Vegan-friendly skeins too. Tons more in a range of weights. I recently began an offer to pay half of the shipping cost on any purchase of three (3) skeins, this doesn’t include purchases that are sold as lots.

I also have some handspun yarns, tools, books and patterns available at my Etsy shop and for those who don’t knit or are pressed for time this year, I have several finished knit and crochet items in the Etsy shop.

Now if that doesn’t jingle your bells in July, I’m sure this will!

Knitfun xmas july


A Drive-by Blog

It’s glorious hot here, sunshiney too and I’m spending time doing knitting but outdoors where I can enjoy my garden – though the weeds are massive bad right now on the brick patio and I’m trying a natural remedy. Pics to come if it works.

I’m taking a little break from the pattern writing, it’s hard to concentrate on a screen at this time of year and I’m working on some stashbusting shawls.

The Cerulean & Chalcedony is trying to kill me with all this evil garter stitch but I’ve just reached the 2nd section where I begin to alternate with the coordinating colour. This should at least, keep me awake! I love everything else about this pattern, so simple, so fast (except for the sleeping part, lol!)

My second shawl is “Over The Willamette” and I’ll have to come up with a catchy name. I’m using some ancient Schaefer Anne and liking how it’s going. This is another pattern with quite a bit of repetition in the early part but I know it’ll be worthwhile. I went up a hook size to compensate how a mohair blend looks “fatter” due to the wisps. The strand itself is comparable to the Tosh used in the pattern but could probably even take a 4.00mm to suit other’s taste for an even more open look. I like the fabric I’m getting on the 3.75mm and I think this’ll block like a dream. Debating adding a repeat or two as the mileage is much greater for the Anne.

WIP-ies (WIP selfies):

WIP's for July

WIP’s for July

Friday, You’re My Favourite

Two FO’s this week, yay! “Plum Delphiniums” worked up crazy fast and the do over pattern for “Les Cloches Cannelées” is complete and sent. It sounds odd to say, but I really like the new format. I agonized over layout and font, thank goodness my daughter is a Graphic Designer! I’m fairly skilled, for a layperson but I like to have her professional thumbs up when it’s done.

I felt a little bereft after that. I could finish writing a couple patterns that just need a bit of polish to publish and I could tackle some of the eleventy-million WIP’s that I have but… I started something new! :p

Kristen Kapur’s “Duane Park Triangle” has been in my queue for a while now, just waiting for me to unbury the right yarn for it. Yup, still shopping the stash and very glad too! I found to Zen String beauties from the 2009 club.

I may have been one of the biggest fans of Angelina’s Zen String and Wildflower Whimsy yarns. We co-admin’d on the Ravelry page and I am sorry that the pitfalls that caused the end of several talented Indie dyers of the early 2000’s, happened to her. I still have six banker’s boxes of her yarns, skeins like sardines, and much not Ravel’d, so I’m glad that this never-ending unpack, organize, repack, donate… thing yielded a great fit for DPT.

Easy peasy summer knitting, this is my Chalcedony & Cerulean:


Ringin’ Hellz Bellz

I had to!

LCC was in process for so long, I was glad to see the end of it when I published the pattern. This was just before I revamped my style sheets with a better layout, more visually appealing font and photos and what I hope is a better format in general to work from.

My BFF, has been knitting this as a store sample for our LYS and asked me for some clarifications the last time I popped in for knitting and sushi – make those sticks do double duty! Kidding :p

Based upon her questions, I opted to reknit the blasted thing, hence “Hellz Bellz” and you’re welcome for the ACDC earworm! I’ve wound up making some tweaks that I think greatly improve the pattern, specifically in how it reduces finishing a lot and I added a finishing option that makes this design Unisex as well.

The redux will be available very shortly (purchased updated automatically via Ravelry) and will include this variation “Plum Delphiniums” below and some updated photos of the prototype and test knit:


Make It Monday

Mai-sen is completed. This is my test knit / crochet based upon Geisha. I revamped the construction slightly and like it better for ease and minimizing finishing. I’m all about less finishing. Mai-sen was another stashbusting project too, some very elderly but gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden serenity lace and squooshy sock. Both were club exclusives via Woolgirl and serendipitously, they played nicely together.

Here is Mai-sen’s CV:


Provisional cast on: needle and hook method


One of the best tutorials I’ve seen for my favourite provisional cast ons.
This may be a little tricky to learn if you are less familiar with a crochet hook but it’s very worthwhile to learn, giving the most tidy and secure start to a piece IMHO. That says a LOT from this very OCD knitter / crocheter.

Originally posted on Tin Can Knits:

There are LOTS of ways to work a provisional cast on, I find this method a little less fussy than the crochet chain method, although both work just fine. I find lefties are concerned this method won’t work for them, but I assure you it is a 2 handed process (just like knitting), you don’t need to work anything differently.


You will need: a crochet hook, your needle, waste yarn

Note: the size of the crochet hook doesn’t matter, the tension of your cast on is determined by your needle, not the hook.

Step 1: Using waste yarn wake a slip knot and place it over the hook

Step 2: place your needle to the left of your crochet hook with the yarn UNDER the needle

Step 3: move your hook OVER the needle, grab the yarn with your hook and pull it through the slip knot on the…

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Konnichi wa Geisha!

I couldn’t put this one down :)Geisha” is the prototype for another ©Kindred Knits & Cohabiting Crochet design. More stashbusting too. The concept is meant to echo the fans that Geisha use during dancing. The inset, delicately ruched bands are like the pleats of a fan or the gentle ripples of an ornamental koi pond. The central panel is linear and structural, mirroring the lines of a shoji screen.

Super happy with this one and have caked some gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden DK and Lace, in tonal shades of cherry-blossom pink, to work the test knit.

Here is Geisha’s Portfolio: