Knitting And Knesting

Settling in comes slowly. I moved from a home to a two-bedroom apartment and now back to a pocket-sized home. Pocket-sized meaning palatial to me! I barely know what to do with all the space I have. Ironic in that because it’s just me (and I’m in no rush) I’m as yet up to my eyeballs in boxes, even with the space. The instinct to “nest” into a corner of the living room is strong with this hermitous hamster-y girl!

I am expanding my physical space a bit and what will be the knit room / PSPRP office space has acquired a bit of functionality. I can find things, yay! With some great good luck, I’ve got the back garden in shape and it promises to be a haven. I’ve missed getting my hands dirty and actually pulled some weeds in the front garden yesterday. I’m sure like other habits, the knack will return before long.

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My oasis.

Back Garden

My oasis two


I’m between projects at the moment, having finished the Spiral Pram Blanket and so have decided to join The “Addewid” Mystery KAL over on Ravelry. Addewid means “promise” in Welsh and the design has been created by Abigail Phelps. This one really grabbed me. Lace, shawl, black, beads, Welsh – how could I resist?

Earthfaire offered a kit for the materials and I loved it, customizing my colour combination with silver-lined ruby AB.s. The fun begins on the 1st of August and I can’t wait!

For the Addewid KAL

Wishing you all a gentle Monday. Cheers!



Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

So many weird and wonderful misperceptions about knitters!

I started knitting very young and so I often got “You don’t look like a knitter”. I guess the Doc Martens and blue hair threw people a little!

Here’s a great piece about how knitters and knitting are represented in the media. Some more weird than wonderful. Now if I ever come across the gal in Doc’s on her way home from the ballet studio sitting at the back of the bus knitting a union jack blanket… I’ll know that’s representative! ;-)

Clicking the photo will take you to Buzzfeed’s “How To Knit – According To (Ridiculous) Stock Photos”

Prepare for a coffee snort!

What the?!

What the?!

Double Pointed Needles ~ Cast On Tutorial

I learned to knit using double pointed needles and so I love this technique. If a flat pattern can be worked in the round, I modify it. I love circular needles too and the different ways they can be used to create seamless work.

With sock knitting becoming ever more popular, this double point technique seemed timely. Click the photo to take you to this wonderful tutorial and more pictures that illustrate the cast on and beginning rows. If you’ve not used dpn’s before or it’s been awhile, this is worth a peek!

Working in the round with double point needles.

Working in the round with double point needles.

WIP Wednesday

WIP for normal people, FO for me :)

First project finished in the new place. Not blocked, the knit stuff is status quo with me but I’m looking forward to getting it blocked. I actually have the room to do these things now!

A peek before blocking.

A peek before blocking.

Why, why, why…? Despite my best efforts, my toes always seem to sneak into photos… No mean feat – happy coincidental turn of phrase – for size 6’s to be hogging the limelight. At least my polish matches…

Make It Monday

And… I’m in! :)

I’m also deeking out on the true Make It Monday concept but I did make a house and it’s almost there for being a home. Friday past dawned sunny and warm, it’s been a gorgeous summer here and I did manage my usual coffee and computer morning routine. What a nice – and auspicious – beginning to the day, I had a pattern sale on Ravelry. I navigated the rabbit’s warren that I’d made with all the boxes, to get out the door to work and had a productive day. My new keys were couriered to work by 1:00pm.

New Beginnings

How cute is that?! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as decorative keys :)

Saturday was moving day and though the inevitable last-minute packing had to happen, all else went smoothly. I’m certain I hold a world’s record for most boxes crammed into an apartment, the bulk of which were yarn and craft related with a fair smattering of unicorn and faery collectibles (I know… skeet shooting targets. Just can’t bear to get rid of them). From 9:00am to 4:30-ish was pack, travel to new address, and unpack. Another very auspicious event was arriving at my new place to unlock for the movers and finding a wee box between the doors. A delivery from Knit Picks! It seemed like the best of beginnings :) My kids showed up in the latter part of the afternoon for their Ten Cent Tour, pizza and beer to christen my new back garden and to make this be “Home”.

Sunday, was leisurely unpacking and a little shopping for a few new household items. I’m in no rush and having found the important things: coffee / tea, mugs, current yarny project; I am pretty much “Good To Go”.

1035-meadowlands KIT 1

A gift from the previous owners. Such good-hearted ladies <3

A gift from the previous owners. Such good-hearted ladies <3

A sweet and thoughtful welcome from a dear friend.

A sweet and thoughtful welcome from a dear friend.

A gentle summer rain fell in between sunny periods yesterday and like a little rain on a bride’s bouquet, I consider that to be great good luck.

20 July 2014 Impatiens

20 July 2014 Impatiens

And now, off to work!  Cheers All, hope your weekend was wonderful.

Yarn Bomb Friday

Most often, “Yarn Bombing” is for fun. Follows is a photo that shows a great use of yarn bombing to bring attention to social issues and to challenge long-standing concepts about Feminism. Great job Ishknits!

Click the photo to take you to the full story and more photos – this one is well worth it!

ETA: Getting the keys to my new home later today. Posting may be spotty and sporadic, though I’ll update if not here, then on The Eclectic Poet or Everybody Has A Story on FB. The actual move is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to my first post from a good place, a new perspective and a heaping dose of inspiration both fibre-y and otherwise.

Cheers All!

Mayor Rizzo Image © Conrad Benner/Streetsdept

Mayor Rizzo
Image © Conrad Benner/Streetsdept

Make It Monday

For this week’s Make It Monday I made… A BIG MESS!!

Moving Day looming...

Moving Day looming…

Who made this big mess?!

Who made this big mess?!

I sort of made a better mess with the Spiral Pram Blanket. The last bits and bobs are now unknit and about to be reclaimed in the last rounds. Unfortunately, I don’t have a longer cord to pop the blob on to for a photo. It is looking pretty in person and will make a cozy lap-sized blanket when complete. My last project at my old place and somewhat symbolic.


I’ve come full circle.

Truly blessed.