WIP Wednesday

I know. My entire life is a WIP right now and I’m in despair of ever finishing a project at the moment :(

I do have this so far:

#crochet #kauni #nowigotthis #nomorefrogging #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl

Happy to have got this far and I’ll be happier still to see the end of it. Though I love the colours, I doubt I’d buy this yarn again. Sulky, sulky… I’m actually a smidge further along and as the colours soften and blend, pulling those central square colours out; I’m liking it a bit better. Yay! Perhaps this will soften with a good soak and then all will be forgiven :)

Well Boy Howdy! We Got A Start!

So, I now have four of these:

#kauni #crochet #granniesquares #afghan #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl


I think I’ll join them into a square now and then begin working granny rows around them. Maybe after 10cm of that do a border of more grannie squares. Basically, anything fast to get this stuff used up! Though I do love the colours (not yet evident in the first four squares), the rough quality of this yarn really detracts from the joy for me.


I’ve been having a huge disagreement with my Kauni. One three quarters done knit shawl and three crochet false starts later… I’m trying again with just the most basic of granny square patterns from memory. I do know I’m going to let the colour runs do the work but still not sure if this will just be one huge grannie that becomes a lap quilt or if I’ll begin to like this yarn again and work a couple grannie motifs and then join.

The colour is wonderful, I still love it but the yarn base is rough and has sticks and bits in it, just like Noro yarns. Really not conducive to a pleasant knit or crochet experience. This has a lot to do with the lack of fibre photos just lately. I suppose I could get on with my Peter Pan, it’s so close to finished or my Tipsy Lizzy. They had become a little tedious but are looking so much more shiny after my brief flirtation with this fussy taskmaster Kauni!

Hoping you are all enjoying a lovely Ostara / Easter weekend with time for family, friends and a little knitting too!

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Keeping the Punk in Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

I love Cons and wear them all the time. I’ve been going through at least a pair a year since I wasn’t “double digits”. My Dad’s fault, he wore “Army Go Fasters” as a kid and I thought he looked like the coolest ever, smiles. I found this article that is perfect for combining Cool and Geek in all its forms. Knitted Cons! This Etsy artist makes them to order as well. I think I want a pair with Thunderbird One on them…

Her Etsy shop is here: PrettySneaky  and if you click the Tardis sneaker below, it’ll take you to the article. There are some great pictures of other geeky sneaks that she’s made.