I Fibbed

But now I have a proper WIP Wednesday post. Yay!

Here is how Addewid is shaping up:

Addewid Shawl Mystery KAL ~ Clue 3 Finished

And a detail of Clue three that I just finished this evening:

Clue 3 is a wrap! Get it? Wrap. Shawl...

The big, blue blob looks the same but has a new row of nupps and… I signed up for The Unique Sheep’s next mystery KAL. Some may call it an addiction. I say hell! It’s cheaper than… no. Not cheaper than that. Or that even… Oh well, it’s snugglier than most addictions. Janine La Cras is designing another of her outstanding shawls, this one based on the Dickens’ tale “Oliver Twist”. I love Dickens and I love the Unique Sheep’s Gradience colourways. I’ve opted to try their “Luxe” base this time. It always gets rave reviews.The start date is September 19th. Hard to believe that’s just a month away. My summer has blown by and I barely had time to unpack my sunscreen!

The Week That Got Away

I even missed my “Keeping You In Stitches” post yesterday! Hopefully, being back in a routine will help this coming week. Going back to work after a vacation is hard but things went as smoothly as they can. I’ve been walking back and forth each day, now that I live closer and that “free” hour of exercise is making me feel much better. The commute takes me through a lovely local park and over The Rideau Canal and Prince of Wales Falls (Hog’s Back Falls for my local peeps) and that touch of nature and nurture in the day is good for the soul.

The Prince of Wales Falls, part of my daily commute :).

My resurrected “Pleasance” shawl is coming along nicely. I’d forgotten how scrummy the ZYG Serenity Silk is, pity it’s discontinued. I’m still working the lace section and hoping to get to the short row section this week. Progress so far, big blob in a beautiful colour :):

Pleasance Shawl Detail


Clue 3 of the Addewid KAL was released Friday the 15th. I was at work when the notification came through and couldn’t wait to get home and start this section. I’m really liking the lace patterns used in this, they flow together beautifully and this design does not have the more traditional “spine stitch” in the centre, it grows with yarn over increases every few rows; subtle and pretty. No picture at the moment, I’m on the last couple rows and will do an ETA picture post tomorrow evening .

Hope Monday treats you well. Cheers!

Back To Reality

All good things must end and so does my summer vacation. No long-lost, distantly related benefactor conveniently kicked the bucket, leaving me with an inheritance. It’s sure been nice being able to dedicate time to getting settled. There’s still lots to do but things are coming together really well. Having a wee nook in the kitchen to work at, write my posts, plan meals, is wonderful and I’ve a dedicated corner in the living room for knitting.

I’m making good use of that with the Addewid MKAL back in swing with Clue 2 being released on Friday, the 8th. This section worked up really quickly. The lace pattern Abigail chose for this is very intuitive and it was done before I knew it!

Addewid MKAL Clue 2 Finished

This late night photo doesn’t show the subtle placement of beads very well but they are there in the tips of each “petal”.

Finishing left me looking for something to work on and as I’m trying to clear out some of my ancient WIP’s, I dug out the “Pleasance Shawl“. Pleasance was a kit offered in what back in 2011, was called “The Victorian Writers Club” (now the “Classic Writers Club”, via Woolgirl, one of my favourite online wool shops. Unfortunately, after getting started, I’d set down the pattern somewhere and over the course of two  moves, it was no where to be found. However, fortune smiled last week when a Raveller saw my post, looking for a copy (there weren’t downloadable versions at the time of release) and was able to send me a replacement. I did have to frog it back a little, as I sat down to get started, I noticed that one of my nupps had gone bad. Its “nuppies” were coming unravelled and there was no saving a 7-stitch nupp. I’m back on track now and hopefully, this bad boy will be finished up in a week or so.

I never did take any progress photos but here is the Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk in the club colourway “Wonderland”.

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk

Never, Never…

Thought I’d get this finished! Not blocked ~ still don’t have all my stuff unpacked but I kept a couple of things handy one being the languishing Peter Pan Mystery Shawl. I had started the final clue, Clue 7 on the second side when something else yarny demanded attention. I even completed a couple of those projects. With this being one of the few projects that I could readily find, I couldn’t let it languish any longer.

Here ’tis, worked in The Unique Sheep’s Pashmi Gradient colourway, “Big Sur” with amethyst beads:

Peter Pan MKAL. Off the needles (at last!) and pre-blocking.There are a million ends to be woven in after blocking and I’m dreading that but this patter was a great use of the Gradient effect of the yarn. Having started another MKAL last Friday, was another push to wrap this project up, especially seeing some of the same faces participating! Nothing like a good shaming to provide inspiration :p

I’m sitting here with my second coffee of the day, waiting patiently for Clue Two of the Addewid MKAL to hit my inbox and then hopefully, knocking together a chest of drawers. It’s time to buckle down and do some of the more “mundane” house things, including unpacking a few more boxes. Still no clue and so off I go, shelf liner calls!


Monday MKal

Go away Monday. Nobody likes… Wait. It’s a holiday Monday. Yay! Civic Holiday here in Ontario, most things are closed and it’s lovely and quiet here in the neighbourhood. As yet, my ferret-y visitor hasn’t shown up to say good morning. I hope he found his way back to his own back garden. I am having my second coffee of the day and a toasted tomato sandwich for my breakfast. Reward for finishing the first clue of the Addewid MKAL.

I am loving the Ella Rae Lace Merino. It’s soft with a lot of “sproing”, particularly good for stitch definition and it shows already in the proliferation of Star Stitch that is used in this first bit. This is the first time that I’ve used my Addi Rockets and I like them. The lace tip of the Addi Lace needle and the slick finish of the traditional Addi Stumpos is a great pairing. I loved the lace needles but the finish just didn’t stand up to the chemistry of my skin.

Addewid MKAL


I was off to a slow start with this, most of my knitting and craft items made it to the appropriate room but I’ve not unpacked much, so many other things to do first. Sure feels good to have needles back in my hands though! This will be a good time to get back to finishing up my last MKAL piece, the Peter Pan Shawl. That one last side, with its numerous colour blends and changes – the ends! omg all the ends! – just seemed too tedious in the face of the Elizabeth Shawl and the rest.

Had a lovely day downtown with the daughter yesterday for “piercings and pints” (the boy child was working and couldn’t make it out this time). Some good sales, glorious weather and a lovely Italian supper at The Grande in The Byward Market.

At the Byward Market Mother Daughter Day in the Byward Market

Alas, today I’ve no excuse for avoiding unpacking and sorting and so… off I go!

Knitting And Knesting

Settling in comes slowly. I moved from a home to a two-bedroom apartment and now back to a pocket-sized home. Pocket-sized meaning palatial to me! I barely know what to do with all the space I have. Ironic in that because it’s just me (and I’m in no rush) I’m as yet up to my eyeballs in boxes, even with the space. The instinct to “nest” into a corner of the living room is strong with this hermitous hamster-y girl!

I am expanding my physical space a bit and what will be the knit room / PSPRP office space has acquired a bit of functionality. I can find things, yay! With some great good luck, I’ve got the back garden in shape and it promises to be a haven. I’ve missed getting my hands dirty and actually pulled some weeds in the front garden yesterday. I’m sure like other habits, the knack will return before long.

#backyardzen #buddha #happygirl

My oasis.

Back Garden

My oasis two


I’m between projects at the moment, having finished the Spiral Pram Blanket and so have decided to join The “Addewid” Mystery KAL over on Ravelry. Addewid means “promise” in Welsh and the design has been created by Abigail Phelps. This one really grabbed me. Lace, shawl, black, beads, Welsh – how could I resist?

Earthfaire offered a kit for the materials and I loved it, customizing my colour combination with silver-lined ruby AB.s. The fun begins on the 1st of August and I can’t wait!

For the Addewid KAL

Wishing you all a gentle Monday. Cheers!