What I’m Working On

Shopping the stash yielded up this ancient Noro Silk Garden and it seemed a good fit to try a log cabin-style afghan. I had a bag of 10 skeins and am working my eighth block as I post (and make some lunch). This is amazingly easy to memorize, a perfect commute or telly watching project. With the few metres left after each block, I should be able to knit 12 comfortable and then will look for a complimentary yarn to work the borders.

Looking forward to seeing my kiddos this weekend and wishing all of you a wonderful and productive week’s end :)

Log Cabin In Silk Garden


I was going to title this “Chuffed, Stoked, Gobsmacked and Tickled” and then realized – upon reading it back quickly – it might look like choked, stuffed… and that would be another whole genre of blogging!!

I was avoiding the web for the last couple days – all of it – but got a “ping” today from my Bestie. She was commenting on a Facebook post put up on Cascade Yarns Facebook business page.

They posted my Cairo Cabled Scarf pattern!!

I am over the moon! I’d noticed a wee jump in interest and sales and this must be why.

The link is here if you’d like to check it out:

Happy :)

I’m finding a nice rhythm to capturing ideas before they flit away on the wings of ADD – not just with my crafting but the writing too. Taking a moment to simply sketch a few lines and write a word or two has increased my productivity and sleeping with my journal close by to capture those Giller Prize worthy phrases (lol!) helps too.

The positive reinforcement of being at my LYS when a customer who’d purchased “Les Cloches Cannelées“, and was at the store for her yarn was amazing! My Bestie works at Yarn Forward, the talented and gorgeous Francine of “Fancy That” and she has been huge in helping get the word out. I’m looking forward to sharing a picture of her scarf when it’s finished.

Being there on a day that all yarn was 20% off was inspirational and dangerous. Dangerous to my pocketbook but inspirational for test knitting a combination pattern that’s been percolating. I love crochet almost as much as knitting and often combine the two crafts. This latest idea may make it to a pattern format if all goes well. I’ve begun with a crochet motif and rounding out the idea with knitting. The Berroco “Folio” that I couldn’t say no to, is a treat to work with. Soft, light and warm; it works up beautifully airy on the recommended pins.

Progress so far (working name is “Arcadia Cowl”):

Arcadia Cowl ~ Progress 1

©KeiB Designs


For Your Knitting Pleasure

I’d say “ribbed for…” but this is my PG blog ;-)

My three most recent designs are available on Ravelry now. You can snag them for a deal in e-book format or purchase individually.

With all this snow, what better way to keep warm?

Shush now! PG, remember? :-)

Find the post here and please do let me know if you make these, have questions, all that good stuff.


WIP Wednesday

… and an FO :)

FO first. This is “Papyrus Columns Cowl”. A mostly reversible cowl or infinity scarf.

Papyrus columns ~ Finished

The completed set:

Papyrus columns ~ Finished

Memories of Egypt. Completed test knits for a KeiB Designs e-book.

I’ll be finishing the tech editing for the cowl today and hope to have the e-book up on Ravelry this evening. I think the book version will be titled “Memories of Egypt” or something similar, to reflect the cable theme that I used.

I hope some of you will give one of these a whirl and if you do, please feel free to share your photos :)

My new WIP is “Harmonia’s Rings” by Sivia Harding:

February 25th

KeiB’s “Harmonia”

This is my first moebius project – I know. It’s just I hate being a crowd follower and if it’s popular, I usually stay away from it. Must keep the “Punk” in Punk Rock! This pattern called to me though and so I am now on the moebius bandwagon.

I watched Cat Bordhi’s Youtube video to teach myself the cast on and as best I can tell, all has gone accordingly. I’m using one of my favourite yarns, Madeline Tosh Vintage in the colourway “Wisteria”. Another stashbuster project, as I purchased this a few years ago for a different project and fortuitously, had the right yardage :)

It’s snowing like mad again today and so I’ll tuck in with Harmonia and Henry Miller (some things are just better each time) and hope that Spring won’t forget Ottawa!

Cheers All :)


Make It Monday

I’ve wrapped up the leg warmers that my daughter requested. Super happy :)

Goth-Stonian Leg Warmers: (more design details on the Rav project page)

casFinished Goth-Stonian leg warmers

These are a deep, rich plum colour; the sunlight makes them considerably lighter than real life. The ties will be replaced with black organza ribbon as soon as I can get my hands on some.

These were fun, could be fast – I was puttering at them in between projects – and I have some deep ruby Cascade 220 that is begging to be knit!

Great When It’s Working

The idea Factory, that is :). I’m just wrapping up the prototype knit for my third and final garment in the e-book that I hope will publish by the end of next week. Working title : Memories of the Nile and it will include the Cairo Cabled Reversible Scarf, Thebes Temple Fingerless Gloves and Papyrus Columns Reversible Cowl / Infinity Scarf.

I’m super excited to have been this productive, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to dedicate this much time to design work and I’m loving it. The designs are themed, coordinate and the Cascade Venezia that I used for the prototypes is easily available, affordable and has great mileage. I really hope these will be as well received as “Les Cloches… ” was :).

This is a sneak peak at Papyrus Columns just before the final (quick and easy) seaming:
(Goth-stonian Legwarmers hiding in the background are almost finished too :) )

New test knit

©Karin Bole Tupper / KeiB Designs