My One Woman "Behind-A-Long"

Not much posting this week. I have been playing with HTML and admiring other people’s blogs. I wonder has anyone else been taking some serious teasing about “Knitting People” who are also “Wired”? You’d think the two were mutually exclusive judging by some of the remarks I’ve heard! Mind you, I get a lot of “Wow! You don’t look like a Knitter” or “I can’t see myself doing THAT” anyway. What does a “Knitter” look like?

The one bit of knitting I have accomplished is to begin my own KAL – so welcome to my One Woman “Behind-A-Long”! I enjoyed all the posts about Grumperina‘s “Picovoli” and while doing some stash tidying – came across some antique Classic Elite “Metro” that seemed a good fit with the design. This yarn has been stashed so long – I think since the early 80’s! I don’t think it looks dated ‘tho. Has nice drape and a lovely sheen. I’ve dubbed the colourway “Anasazi Sunset”.

I have also consigned some “Losers” to the dustbin. Well, I actually rip them out, rewind and give to my Grandma, who then creates wonderful stuff – bears, mitts, hats, etc. for all the Grand and Great Grand Children in our family. Somehow, this makes me feel like less of a “Wool Waster” or “Yarn Yutz”. I have come to believe that a UFO that is over a decade old is probably not going to be done – not to mention taking up space that could be better filled!

3 thoughts on “My One Woman "Behind-A-Long"

  1. Because I am a digital designer by trade, I get some serious disbelief when work folk see me knitting, but I think the geek and knitting freak in me are very harmonious.Thanks for stopping by the blog. We are absolutely welcoming you to th KAL! The pattern really rocks. Some folks are cruising through the patterns really quickly, and others are working at a languid pace. Enjoy!


  2. I just wanted to drop a note to say hi! I’m in both the Pomatomus and Green Gable KALs, too and have been salivating over the Somewhat Cowl. Looks like we have the same taste in patterns. Best of luck!


  3. Hi, I came to your blog through the pomatomus kal, but could perfectly belong to your one woman behing kal. although I joined the picovili kal. I got involved with knitting socks but now, with different yarn (debbie bliss cathay, which is on sale over at webs) I am back on track. I am just waithing for the yarn so I can start!!!


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