See! I Really Do Knit!

I have been buying a vast amount of sock yarn lately. “Oo-o-o-o, pretty colours!” Rather ironic considering that I haven’t knit a sock in a year. I went through a sock phase and burned out, if that’s really possible. I think I just went into simmer mode waiting to be introduced to new techniques, yarns, patterns. So here it is: my first attempt at a “Toe Up” sock! Don’t laugh, I’ve been a “Cuff Down” gal for a very long time and didn’t’ think I could learn a new method but so far, so good. There is much progress since yesterday, when this was taken – I’m actually at the point of working short rows for the heel – this is also a little different than the ultra traditional Patons heel I’ve always used. Yes, I really do use my Grandma’s old Patons booklets ;). This is all in prelude to (hopefully) learning to work two toe-ups at the same time on circulars. I’m hoping that this will be progress and that I won’t be knitting myself a straight jacket before the end of it all. Cross your fingers for me!

There is a little progress on my KAL’s – the real ones, that is. My yarn has been ordered for both and should be in my mailbox this week. I went with the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in “Wild Sage” for my Green Gable. My Pomatomus socks will be done in Lorna’s Laces “Cool” a really pretty varigated. I needed to get out of my “Blue Period” Funny how one sometimes gets on these colour kicks.

I have added a picture or two for anyone who might have wondered if I ever actually knit, rather than just reading other people’s blogs and adding to my stash – take a peek if you’d like.

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  1. Hi Karen,Re: Lucky – the problems aren’t anything you can’t work around. The first issue was the sizing – the tech editor added more ease than I would have liked. As long as you pick a size that is close to your bust measurement you shouldn’t have a problem. The other problem was the grading on the muscle. If I remember correctly, the muscle grading only went up to 11 1/2 or 12″. If you need a larger size for the muscle, I actually rewrote the pattern for the larger sizes and posted it to the knit-along.If you are an experienced knitter, you shouldn’t have any problems with the pattern. The main issue was making sure it doesn’t come out too big by selecting the right size. If you need help selecting what size is right for you, just let me know!


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