Raww-wr-wr-wr! (With Apologies To Grumperina!)

I couldn’t resist posting this pic. It’s totally cheating, since I knit these about 12 or 13 years ago when my DD and DS were little. For those of you who keep up with Grumperina, you’ve probably noticed her posts showing her knitted dinosaurs. I used to love making stuff like this from sweater leftovers, well, actually I just like making them. It made me feel much less “Geeky” to see someone as accomplished as Grumperina making the same type of things.

I have posted pictures under my “Finished” of my first toe-up sock with a short row heel. I like learning new techniques every once in a while, just to shake things up and keep my brain from calcifying! I’m not sure I love this technique yet – I may in time. I liked knitting all in one piece, without having to go back and pick up a heel flap, although over the years, I’ve become quite good at it. I couldn’t knit them on auto pilot (something that’s handy during NHL playoffs) as I had to stop and measure and keep track of my rows for the next sock. I think I prefer the look of the fully-fashioned sock that I usually make. That style has a heel flap and instep gusset, giving a very nice fit over the arch of the foot. I’m fussy about fit, because the “Pointe Shoes” in my Blog name is in reference to my lifelong love of and participation in Ballet :). And I have “Ballerina Feet”. (These aren’t actually mine. Just a reasonable facsimile!)

I’ll post pictures of one of my WIP’s, now called The Sock of Shame, as it’s been sitting on the needles, half done, for over a year. It is being done with the fully-fashioned technique. I really do like the concept of the wrapped stitches on the short rows, from a Perfectionist Knitter standpoint. I think if I can get the technique down pat, it will be as nice or better than the pick up and knit version.

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