SuperKALafragellistic! (Yes, I Did Say That ;p)

(Pics to follow soon) I have no more excuses to not start on my KAL’s – all my yarn showed up Monday and Tuesday. Whatever made me think that going from 0 to 4 KAL’s at the same time was a good thing? I guess I just fell in love with the idea – I only discovered this whole knitting internet a couple months ago, must catch up. I have ordered a pattern for my Project Spectrum that I hope will do justice to my beautiful “May-belle“, have everything for my Grannie Smith and have actually started on my Green Gable. I went with the recommended yarn, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and I really like it. Very soft and I’m hoping the yarn content will give it some “stitch memory”. Most cottons don’t have it at all. Green Gable goes first because this is my NHL knitting and my team is in the 2nd round playoffs (by the skin of their teeth as of tonight – Go Senators Go – Four In A Row! I need something that will resist dropped stitches and /or pattern fallout during my usual cheering, coaching, shouting, occasional gnashing of teeth, etc. that happens in front of the television :)! The pattern (so far) is very easy to follow and working up very quickly. I really like the colour, I’m using the “Wild Sage”, a medium cool green.

I have one Pom down, one to cast on. Definitely NOT NHL knitting. I loved this easy to work but intricate looking lace pattern. I had a moment of doubt with the instep chart – Cookie was right – the chart makes the pattern look rectangular – I’m glad I swallowed my pride and asked the question – I still think I should know more instinctively after all these decades of playing with wool!

Oh yes! I have one pair of socks finished for my “Count Your Socks”. I’ve knit seven pairs prior to 2006, finished one pair and have two half pairs in process. (My theory on posting about WIP’s helps them to get done, seems to be working).

I’ll now go and try to bribe my DD (official photographer of my blog) to please email my pics for uploading – I’ll say it’s for Mummy’s Day – should work…

A little late but here’s where I was at when this post was done.

2 thoughts on “SuperKALafragellistic! (Yes, I Did Say That ;p)

  1. Glad the Senators are beat the stupid Sabres. I’m a big Flyers fan, so nuff said.I’m a bit surprised by who is moving on this year. The Hurricanes beating the Devils????? It’s like bizarro world!


  2. The Lorna’s looks beautiful! I’m using Cherry Tree Hill in Peacock for my Hippos. My Jaywalkers are in snazzy Koigu KPPPPPPPPPPM (I can’t remember how many P’s there are. And the Green Gable makes for exceptional brainless knitting (once you clear the lace). Good luck!


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