A Long Weekend Of Socks

Here is my first “Knitting On The Road” sock – “Denmark”. I have since turned the heel and have the foot about half done. I love this pattern! It looks like intertwined hearts – very pretty! This KAL is really inspiring, although I don’t think this book would languish on my shelf anyway – lot’s of really intriguing patterns – I’ve already bought yarn to do the “New England” socks. And now back to the knitting :).

5 thoughts on “A Long Weekend Of Socks

  1. Hi from Austria! Wow, this sock is coming along so fine, it’s going to be a real beauty! I love the pattern, and the color you chose to use is gorgeous! Looking forward to see it when it’s finished!


  2. Hi,I just tried to send you an e-mail about the summer of socks and it bounced. Could you please send me your e-mail address? Thanks!Jessica


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