Back to Reality

We’re back safe and sound from Toronto. This was a nice little trip, DH had business in the city and so the rest of us tagged along. We took in “Spamalot!”, the new Monty Python musical, Canada’s Wonderland – yes, the elderly teenagers really wanted to but must have been my tenth visit there – DH said that the only difference now is that, the dinosaurs aren’t real anymore, funny guy he. and did a little site-seeing, mostly shopping. I made my pilgrimage to Lettuce Knit, in Kensington Market. KM itself is wonderful (I remember it from”King of Kensington” when I was a kid) but LK was knitters’ knirvana :). I picked up just a few goodies, they have just recently moved a few doors down from their old location and had sold out of a few things but I found lots to get into trouble with. Alchemy Silk has been added to my Christmas list! We rented a PT Cruiser for our drive down, a fun car, but 5 hours on the road – so I brought along a few projects to stay sane in the car. I finished up Summer of Socks 4 and the first of SS #5, cast on the second sock and did a little work on Project Spectrum July. I’m kind of winging a pattern for PS, looks good so far. My first Petals Collection package arrived while I was away and I am really looking forward to diving into that. So, here are a few project photos to show the progress.

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