Another One For The Sock Collection

One more pair completed for Summer of Socks. I finished these up July 23rd. Also inDalegarn Baby Ull, yeah, it was a little bit of a theme. Done now. PS July is really coming along – it will do double duty in Summer of Socks. This PS has been a joy to knit – the yarn, the pattern (one I’ve put together), the colour! I also couldn’t resist casting on the Trekking that I picked up in T.O. Still being on vacation, I’ve done a little more shopping than usual – including a visit to my LYS. We have three really good ones in this area and there is little overlap in stock so it’s always worth making the cross-town trip to see what’s available. I picked up some pretty lavender Berrococ Denim Silk and another skein of Fleece Artist’s Merino Sock. Some Koigu arrived in the mail yesterday and I look forward to trying it for the first time. Considering that Koigu is made in Canada, it’s rather annoying that it’s hard to find and usually cheaper on ebay! Other projects are coming together for some fall knitting – my allhemp 6 top and a pretty mohair cardigan using GGH mohair. I guess I had better get to the knitting!

4 thoughts on “Another One For The Sock Collection

  1. I love that you are a sock knitting fiend. The next time I get the urge, I’m gonna scroll through all your projects to choose. It’s time to stop making boring socks!


  2. Karin,Your socks are great. It is much better to have a Summer of Socks rather than the Summer of Stash.I am in a sock frenzy myself. I just linked to you & hope you will link to me.Cate


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