Can You Believe This Heat?!

I usually update on Saturdays but the weather here is worth mentioning. Today, in Otawa ON (Canada, friends) it has reached 46C or 48C with the humidity. That is 118F!! I’ve lived here most of my life and still find this noteworthy, considering the other extreme of our weather, that Ottawa is the second coldest capital city in the world. (I think the first coldest is in Russia or Mongolia.) I have been out in this and survived – school is back in after our all-too-brief summer break and lugging my books around was really a pain today!

I am still knitting – crazy, I know – I’m sure I look a sight with my needles and yarn – little summer clothes and a fan blowing on me – we don’t have central air. Normally, I don’t want CA but I think poor DH and and the Two Teens will out vote me for next year.

I did finish Summer of Socks #6 / Project Spectrum July and am half-way through SS #7. Pictures may not be available for a while, DD’s laptop burned out and she is the photographer / photoshopper extraordinaire in the family. I suppose I could scan – but the result is so blech!

A proper update to follow this weekend – I have links to add and people to add – wonder how many bells and whistles I can fit on here….

One thought on “Can You Believe This Heat?!

  1. It seems that you guys in Canada and parts of the USA are getting that extreme heat now that we’ve been having for the past 2 months here in Europe – poor you, we were in the 40’s (C) basically all the time! I sure hope it’ll cool down for you soon, these temps are certainly unbearable! Here it did, fortunately – we’re down to 15C today, argh!


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