The New (and Improved !) Blog and Knittitude

Well, I know I was whining a little about socks in my last post but after finding this little bit of sock yarn goodness in my stash, I’m eating my words! This is Summer of Socks #8 in the works. I had this lovey Hill Country merino buried but I’m glad to have found it. My favourite colours and a new pattern, I’m mod-ing this one a fair bit, I find I’ve become fussy about my patterns. I did answer the call of The Manos – pictures here. What a fab yarn! I will definitely be making up excuses to buy more of this! DD said she was relieved to see me knitting something other than socks :). I think despite my current Starving (a little) Student status, there will be more yarn in my immediate future. Elannites! It’s your fault! All the rave reviews have left me feeling like a jumper in need of a bandwagon :). Yes, I have some Katrina on the way – do let me know, anyone who has it already how it works up. Speaking of Elannites, have you seen this?:

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I was sorely tempted after reading Cate’s blog – this looks like a hoot! But really, how many socks will I knit before madness takes it’s toll? I am cheering for Cate ‘tho – may the force be with you!

Last, not least, I’ve tried to jazz up my blog a little. I had no idea when I started this a few months ago, how much fun it would be. Actually, I was a bit of a “Blog Snob” for a long while, it seemed like so much navel-gazing. Who knew it would become such a fun way to add to the entire hobby experience! I’ve got most of my links up to date, and some new KAL’s added – one that will involve real (lace!) knitting. Hope the new look is appealing and ultimately more readable. It’s easy to overdo all the blog toys. If anyone can help me with placing pictures side-by-side and adding albums with Blogger (is there such a thing?), I’d be so grateful.

5 thoughts on “The New (and Improved !) Blog and Knittitude

  1. Karin, Your blog looks so nice and so does the sock! I can’t wait to see what you’ll knit up when your elann white box gets to you. I managed to be strong through Katrina, but then I saw Canapone stock levels dropping and placed an order on Friday, despite my own starving student status.


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