Summer Sizzle

My latest attempt at something other than socks, and an “anti-stash” project as well. This lovely Estelle yarn started life as half of a purse/shrug combo for DD’s grade 8 graduation. (She’s now in 2nd year college – shame face – although she did get the purse!). It is being ressurected as “Sizzle” by Wendy Bernard. I finished SOS #8 last weekend and had this pattern calling my name, so raided the stash, got gauge and got going. Just about to the shoulder seams and hopefully done by Sunday. The Summer of Socks #8 was fun to do, mostly because of the yarn. I did a few modifications on the pattern and like the result. I have more Hill Country in the queue, so hopefully will make my goal of 10 pairs of socks for the KAL. Off to write a pseudo-will for my homework, blech….

4 thoughts on “Summer Sizzle

  1. Hey great job on all of your socks! I really like this last pair I took down notes for next time I’m around Fibre Trend patterns.Thanks for stopping by my blog. You wanted to know about the purple people eater socks as you know this is scouts yarn she re-labeled it stormy chaos I think. The pattern I got from Knitty its called “Falling Leaves”.Oh and I love your banner:) Looks like you, Isela and I are Cynthia’s latest adds…


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