The Summer Sock KAL Windown

My first socks for the Petals Collection KAL. These are “Calla Lily”. (Summer of Socks #9). I changed these up just a little bit. I did a double start cast on – just because its become my favourite. I added a little band of purl stitches at the heel flap edge (a la German heel-style) to echo the purled cuff edge and I changed the Welsh heel to a French heel from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting Vintage Socks”. Don’t tell my Gran – she’s Welsh :). I wish the lace pattern showed up better in the pics – a live ankle would show it up better, but I didn’t have a helper today. “Sizzle” is sidelined – just temporarily – another shell needed to be cast on – Kertzer’s “Cats Meow”. This may be a colossal flop – the stashed yarn I’m using is completely different from the called for, other than the gauge – however, used stash is reason to buy new stash! My Project Spectrum yarn for August arrived this Friday past and I cast on right away. I am not as fond of neutrals (other than black) as some but I do really like the “Augustus“. I am making up the designing as I go and so far so good. Of all the arts and craft I’ve learned over the years, knitting is the one where I am the least adventurous – usually content to recreate the Designer’s concept with no changes at all. I just thought about this after seeing a gorgeous sweater coat in an Autumn fashion magazine and after thinking “I could make that!”, realizing I really never developed the designing skill. Fear of wasted time or yarn, I suppose. I am feeling like exploring the possibility more now – after my minor success with a sock, LOL!

5 thoughts on “The Summer Sock KAL Windown

  1. I really like the sock yarn in the last photo. Do tell what it is. I may need some of it pronto!! I cannot believe the stamina you have for socks. It is remarkable.


  2. I like the Calla Lily socks-very pretty! Tweak away on everyone else’s patterns. It came as a surprise to me the first time I looked at a Vogue pattern and said “Wait, that won’t work, it can’t be right!” because I always thought of VK as the knitting Ten Commandments. The more you knit, the better you will be ready to fix what’s wrong with the design on your needles.


  3. Your Calas look very nice. I still have to cast on for the second one. And the August looks awesome. I have that one too. I’ll have t see what you design with it. Good Job so far!


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