The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Whew! They’re both officially back – as of yesterday. DD (aka “Budding Graphic Designer”), is back for 3 years in Graphic Design and after grduating from the 1 year Pre-Design / Portfolio program. She is over the moon. Keener! DS (aka “Budding Rock Guitarist”) is back at high school for grade 10 – academic / music and band focus. Somewhat less keen. It’s nice to be back into something of a routine – although my being back in college kinda mucks things up a little – in a good way – I hope – someday…. The pictures are the last days of freedom, spent at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto with Mum and Dad. Hm-m-m, the knitting? Not so much the last few days. Some “Dragon Scale” socks in Opal handpaint, the “Augustus” socks just about finished, and looking for some nice laceweight to make up “Trellis Scarf” (Spring 2006 IK) for the E.A. Clark knitalong.

3 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  1. I go around the house singing that “most wonderful time of the year” song for the last day or so before school starts. My kids yell at me, but it wouldn’t be back to school without it. Now if I could only have “The Easy Button” !!!!!!


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