WIP Wednesday

I had to share this, before it hits the frog pond. My oldest WIP, and now, I realize never to be finished. Check out that vintage Sirdar pattern! The wool was amazing, if I could find it for the IK Ballet Wrap, I would buy it again. This was started before the advent of DS, so at least 16 years it’s been waiting – sadly, even my eclectic style will not allow for something so 80’s, unless I give in on this Skinny Jean thing, because, of course, now that they’ve been resurrected, they’re no longer tacky, “The 80’s, but better”, WTF?!!
My next WIP was supposed to be an FO for this coming Friday (it has become an “F” “O” of another interpretation)! My poor Quasimodo jacket. No snickering. I ran out of yarn – it was hotly debated whether the pattern was accurate, in the amount of yarn required, and after checking and rechecking, I say something has to be off. Yes, I have some long tails, but even cutting them off and trying to knit them in wouldn’t make up the sleeve-cap worth of wool I need. I am not happy. No picture yet, but my “twofer” for the Fall Cable KAL and the Tweeding along KAL seems to be going OK. I actually have to really look at each cable row, I guess I’m a bit out of practice.

What to do? Frog sleeve one, do three-quarter sleeves?

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Hey There Karin,Wow you have a lot of wonderful projects on the needles and they all look great. Even thought there may be some modifications required. The WIPs still look awesome!I still can’t believe how many pairs of socks you made for SOS. I must be the slowest knitter in the west – I managed 1.5 pairs:(I can’t wait to see your progress on the Knitted Bodice…


  2. I am sad to see Quasimodo sweater sitting there with a bite out of its shoulder. FO indeed! I noticed you have a folded over cuff on your sleeves (is that a cuff?). Can you shorten the cuff in order to finish the cap? Should be possible to pick out the cast-on edge, unravel to the necessary spot, get the live stitches back on the needle and cast off there. I’ve done it. I have yet to finish this sweater. Wonder if I’ll end up with a Quasi too? Quasi-two?


  3. I would frog the sleeves, find a different yarn that contrasts perfectly and make turn up cuffs. Very fashionable, especially with an interesting button to hold them up.


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