WIP Wednesdays

I don’t have much to show for my week, in knitting that is. At school, however, I’ve been working like a mad thing to learn a new legal software – my brain hurts! So, I started Socktoberfest promptly, with two projects. My 2 socks on 2 circulars is on the left – although a little awkward to change my tried and true dpn method, I can see really enjoying this technique, once I have it down pat. My other project is a little more fun – I’m doing another original design, in some wonderful Cabin Cove sock yarn that’s been mellowing in the stash for a few months. Other KAL progress? None – my tweed project just didn’t look nice – I’m not sure if it’s any one thing – but I’ve ordered a different yarn and hopefully, it will look better. The silky wool is going back to the closet to wait on a more suitable pattern. My cable was going to be the same project – but I’ve changed my mind on that one too. My elann sierra aran just arrived a few minutes ago, and I’m feeling a lot less blue about all the WIP’s and false starts – this is going to be my replacement Cable KAL yarn. Sometimes, it just seems that nothing wants to be made. Meh! Thank you all, for suggestions for Quasimodo. I think, as it’s getting chilly here already, that I will frog the sleeves and redo sans cuffs. They aren’t a real bonus fashion detail, so I think the jacket will look fine without.

Maybe I’ll just stick with the socks for the rest of the week!

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