Thursdays Are For Corporate & Commercial Law Finals!

I studied, I wrote, I may even have passed :). I also had the flu all week and during my down time, I worked on a Noro scarf for DD – I have one for DS on the needles, both as part of the Norovember KAL. Confession time. I have turned into the biggest Noro Hag on the planet! The scarves were to test run Kureyon, love at first stitch and I bought enough to make up a sweater. I caught a massive sale on Transitions – that will be my NaKniSweMo project, and a Silk Garden clearout found me, how could I say no? Some Kochoran for a long-planned pullover is on the way – courtesy of another fabulous sale! So. Do I need a 12-step program yet?

I am having a blast with my Sock Madness design – I’m just finishing up the variation (version 2) and will submit it for consideration (thank you CBM for the heads up on this)!

My sock of the month from Pick Up Sticks arrived – it is sock heaven! I don’t have a picture to show but it is VvS sock yarn in “Antares” with a very cute sock pattern.
I mentioned last week my Reynolds “Rapture” but then didn’t post a picture so here it is:
Rr-rrr-row-wrr… Rapture…

And this is the start of DS’ Noro Kureyon scarf. Granite, turquoise, lapis, chalk – I think this will be “Glooscap Trail Scarf”, it reminds me of Blomidon mountain in Nova Scotia.

DD’s scarf is “Two Weeknights With Warrick Worsted Wave Scarf”!

Rr-rrr-row-wrr… Warrick…

7 thoughts on “Thursdays Are For Corporate & Commercial Law Finals!

  1. Congrats on taking that final! I’ll bet you passed, eve with the flu, poor baby. Another milestone! Your scarf is beautiful. You have becoma very bad influence on me with your yarn shots. Now I want some Rapture.


  2. You go LawGirl! yeah, you found my achilles heel…noro…(but really mostly just the kureyon…ok and a lil silk garden…and maybe some iro..) It’s the default yarn. If nothing else is going right in the knitting world…kureyon always is soothing and cooperative. BUT I never thought of a wave or feather/fan stitch with it. That’s what i love about the blogosphere…there’s always inspiration. Have a great weekend!


  3. You passed, don’t doubt it! The Noro projects are gorgeous; I love the colors but it’s just too itchy for me. Though I do have 2 skeins of Silk Garden that I just had to get to try. They’re still ‘curing’ in stash. I am sending positive thoughts about the Sock Madness pattern; your patterns are so clever that they’ll just *have* to choose yours.


  4. How the heck did I miss Norovember? Huh? My middle name is multi-colored yarn!!!! (Tho I have played well by making mittens and a cap out of Silver Thaw!)Dang!!!!Your scarf looks great, BTW, and good going on your exam!


  5. Hey its good to hear that you are almost if not all done with this school term. Needles crossed for awesome grades!Love this scarf! I love the varigated colors…


  6. I bet you smoked those finals, flu and all. Hope you’re doing better soon. Mmmm…Noro…I have some lovely lots of Noro curing in the stash. Maybe I should get out my Kureyon/Cash Iroha scarf and finish that off. I seem to get performance anxiety with Noro. I have Kureyon, Big Kureyon, Silk Garden, and Transitions…and can’t seem to get up the courage to commit them to anything.


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