Look Ma! Real Knitting!

First off, I’d just like to thank you for all the kind and supportive comments about my exam and school.It’s been a whirlwind, but things are falling into place. I interviewed this week for my placement and I think I’ll get some excellent legal corporate experience there. A guest speaker today has me really looking at patents and trademarks too – it’s all so interesting!
The commute into school has been a boon for the knitting this week. (sidebar: I think I get more weird looks from people when I pull out my knitting than I did when I was nursing the kidlets! There was another knitter on the bus with me this afternoon, the first I’ve seen, and for the longest time, no one would sit with us, Hm-m-m, I was feeling like we were our own little Gangsta Knitta Posse! Yo Yo! Don’t be sittin’ here breathin’ all over the Noro and such! See dis yo? This girl got needles and she gonna use them if y’all don move on to da back uh duh bus!) OK. So, I’ve recovered my mind… The knitting. Yes, above we have my Norovember / NaKniSweMo (gonna be late SweMo). Kinda curly – doesn’t look like much, but it’s just about ready to divide for armholes. I made great progress on DS’ Noro scarf – no pic – it looks kinda like it did before but longer :)! The first “Sock Madness” pattern is written, just waiting for DD to work her magic on the pictures. I’m just about finished writing the pattern for the “Warrick” scarf, thanks again to those who asked about it, I’m very flattered, and I will try to post it before the weekend is over.
And what would the week be without just a little tease, a soupçon, a tickle of… yarn p0rn! Ya, the zero is to foil the cretins – who knew how many there are out there, breathing the same air that we do… Yikes!!

On the left: OMG! Trekking on Sale! I had to do it!
On the Right: Sweet Georgia and Spinning Bunny sock – I can’t wait to get my needles into these!
You can click the pictures for the “Gatefold” views ;)!

5 thoughts on “Look Ma! Real Knitting!

  1. your noro sweater looks yummy. love love love the colors…and that trekkin…hold your horses is it ever beautiful…and the rest of your yarny pornness…well its making me crazy here! breathe and repeat after me lisa…no new yarn til january…no new yarn til january…it’ll be ok. Glad the exams are over and your blasting into your ‘ternship. At this point..ALL experience is good experience!


  2. Keep it up with these pictures of sock yarn, and between you, Suzann and Cate, I’ll end up knitting socks yet. You’re killing me with the colors. I’ll be interested to see how the Transitions turns out. I’ve been tempted by that yarn a couple of times. Of course, I hadn’t seen your pics of it so I didn’t cave. Glad you’ve got all the exams behind you and can get in some knitting.


  3. I get that feeling on my commute sometimes too. Interesting to think that knitting is what is keeping people away isn’t it? The sweater is coming along nicely. 🙂Jessica


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