Norovember – Almost To The Finish Line!

I’ll add to this post after school, but as this is the last day of Norovember, I wanted to do a “quick and dirty” post so that I am not forever branded as a Knit-A-Long Slacker! I really do try….

5 thoughts on “Norovember – Almost To The Finish Line!

  1. look at all that yummy noro…(my friends at home call me the “no-ho”……you can be your local NoHo if you want!) Love the colorway for that scarf especially…is that the warwick scarf?


  2. Hi Lisa, I would love to be the local NoHo – heaven knows I’ve bought enough of it lately! The bluey scarf is Kureyon #150, DS’s “Glooscap Scarf”. “Warrick” was done in Kureyon #95 – posted a little further down, DD looks fab in those brilliant colours :).


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