Thursdays Are For – Sock Seduction and Yarn P0rn!

Finally time to show off my “Pick Up Sticks” sock club kits. Every month, we get an original pattern and some wonderful sock yarn. Left is the first kit, with Claudia Handpaints in “Just Plum”. The second kit is shown below.

I had to cry “Uncle” with the Fall Cable KAL and the Tweeding Along KAL – as usual, my eyes are bigger than my belly, when it comes to joining knit-a-longs. So, with my tweed replacement yarn coming late and having fallen out of love with my Diagonal Progression sweater (I’ve made it before – maybe that’s why), I’ve decided that the “Irish Hiking Scarf” in stashed Cleckheaton Silky Wool 12-ply, will be my redeemer of knitting dignity, and means I can put paid to both KAL’s. I will undoubtly finish the other items soon, just because the pressure is off :).

I’ve been plugging away at setting up a gallery for me and for reader FO’s (I hope no one will be too shy to share them) and that’s been interesting. I fancy myself a fairly accomplished “end user” of computers and softwares, but HTML set-ups are something I’m learning on my own – really slowly… I do see though, how some people really enjoy this. It’s just creativity in a different form.

I am anxiously waiting for the postman to bring me a parcel – my gift this year is some swag from Scout – don’t ask me what it is, I don’t want to spoil my surprise 🙂 ! Seriously, she has expanded her shop a lot, so Santa had an easy time this year.

I finished and submitted my patterns for “Sock Madness” – I probably shouldn’t say anything – being terribly superstitious. Crossing my fingers, here. It would be wonderful to have one chosen.

And at last, have started my socks for the “Lime & Violet KAL“, and my “Spey Valley” for the “Knitting On The Road” KAL. I’m alternating these with another KB Design that I’m knitting in some of Scout’s hand – dyed “Orchids”.

The Yarn P0rn is yummy! I got some yarny reading material too – I’ve been knitting so long, bought and inherited tons of books but lately, they seem dated and it was time to indulge in some new ones. (OK – just teasing – there’s no Yarn triple-ex until Blogger says so… I’ll add them later!)

7 thoughts on “Thursdays Are For – Sock Seduction and Yarn P0rn!

  1. You are inspiring me so much to start to knit socks again! I would join the Socks on the Road KAL, but one pair every month, was it? Even every two months is pushing it for this novice! I’ll just enjoy looking at yours!


  2. yay for socks! i love knitting socks. i was working with claudia handpainted in peony before i quit on the pair of socks (i’ll get back to them, but i need some time). i liked the yarn a lot.


  3. I’m about 80% done a whole pair of socks, but before you get too excited, I’ll mention that they are done with DK weight yarn on 3 1/4mm needles, and plain. No fancy stitches. This will be a major sock-complishment for me. I am the mini-me of sock knitting.


  4. mmmm i love to knit socks and those colors are fabulous! maybe that will be my gift to myself this year..the sockamonth club or something. my goal would be to have enough handknit socks to wear everyday…if i could keep my family out of my sock drawer…knitcherownsoxwhydontcha!…it kills me to see DD run around outside without shoes in the socks i make for her…and dh will just wear his until they are more hole than sock without saying a word…must knit more socks..must knit more socks……


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