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Have found time for a little knitting… I’m hoping to have these KAL’s finished before the end of the year – ha! The Irish Hiking scarf needs one more skein to make a nice length and with one more week of bus trips, it’ll make my deadline. The “second socks” are already further along

The final countdown to Christmas and as of yesterday, my gift shopping is done (except for that one thing, you know the one, you remember it around the time the stores are closing Christmas Eve…). My last exam of the year is this Wednesday, Real estate law and then a nice long break before starting my placement in January.

There is still not a flake of snow where I’m at. I don’t mind, I really don’t like the ferocious temperatures we sometimes get here, but a little dusting to make things pretty would be really welcome. Not to mention, what will I do with the scarves I’ve been knitting :)?

From last week: my latest book acquistions and some KnitPicks Options circulars. The needles are excellent (said the die-hard Addi fan). I used them for a cable project and was really impressed. The stash is my Kochoran Kolsva project and some Elann Super Kydd for a cardi.

3 thoughts on “Insert Witty Post Title Here…

  1. Held my breath as your blog loaded. I want yarn p&rn, not the real thing. ;-} And you didn’t disappoint. I feel like I’ve been to an LYS after visiting your blog. Like your new acquistions, especially the book on finishing. That’s a real keeper for me. That Irish Hiking Scarf is one of my favorites. It looks great. Good luck on those finals.


  2. Jayne, what a great site, I’ll have to check back as I start out with my Poppy (still buying for that one). I love your EBKS – wish I could wear stripes :).Benne, so glad you popped by – everything should be OK now with the URL – I tried to tell everyone – at the risk of sounding like I’m recruiting friends LOL. The IHS is a new favourite for me too, quick & easy, as portable as socks (it’s my current commute project) and the silk /wool from stash is heaven!


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