I Looked, I Sighed, I Frogged

Here they are – my old, ugly, just don’t feel like it contributions to “Just Froggit”. Scarf / shawl, two sweaters, and a cropped jacket. The pink was the oldest, I found the yarn receipt at the bottom of the bag, dated 1995!

And, after the rewinding was done – well, actually I did not rewind the mohair, those long “beards” require for more patience for ripping out than I had yesterday evening. And by the time I got to the Impressions, my arms were tired… But, the deed is done and I feel like I lost 10 pounds! If you read here once in a while, you may have noticed that stash and WIP reduction for Karin usually brings on a case of stash replenishing, and I am nothing if not predictable :)…

… Here is my lastest addition to the Stash Yarn Pr0n collection

For “Sahara” – this is wool /silk Zephyr and Artyarns Regal Silk.
These came from Sarah’s Yarns – I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, she is personable, professional and knowledgeable – an absolute joy to deal with – go buy yarn from her :)!

8 thoughts on “I Looked, I Sighed, I Frogged

  1. I am in total agreement on the knit what you love philosophy. I think it’s time to revisit some unfinished items…


  2. LOL, the frogging thing is surely catchy right now. Luckily, I immediately transferred my frogged yarn to a shawl (thanks to support from blog readers) rather than my usual tendency to toss it into the Bin of Shame never to be seen again. Thanks for the link to Sarah. I had been wanting to buy some Jaggerspun laceweight so she seems like a great source. Love that she will wind off specified quantities too.


  3. mmmm..ya got some nice looking yarn in that there frogpond lady….absolutely (crap I’ve had to spell that five times thanks to too many mudslides tonight) knit only what you love…..and the fiber will find its perfect fit one day…


  4. Lisa you are too funny! I have a mental block against some spelling (no mudslide required) and I am a Grammar Avenger :)! Joan, I’m hoping the frogged ones will find new homes – my bin of shame overfloweth! I know you’ll find Sarah to be great (pricewise too) and I’m not affiliated – just happy to be treated so well :).


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