Wow, is Blogger ever being a PITA! Slow, cranky, hassling me to come over to the new Blogger at every turn. Kinda suits my mood. Yes, I will convert to the new Blogger – but I seem to have just got this little project to a workable state. I think all the links are working, the gallery is under construction (most of my knitting pictures are pre-digital days and need to be converted), I don’t want to make any more changes, dammit!

Hope someone has some crackers and cheese, ’cause this has been just a weird, blah few days. URL woes, I can’t seem to get away from it. My old URL was taken over by a XXX site – could be kinda funny – but it’s just a total hassle! It’s really taken some of the fun out of doing this whole blogging thing. Then, my entry to a knitting contest evaporated for a few days. Canada Post said it was delivered, the Recipient said they didn’t have it, I was looking for a sword to fall upon… I had a milestone and a half birthday on Monday, and somebody smack me, I am having a very unattractive attack of age angst. Not like me at all. OK. I’m done now.

On a positive note, they did find my parcel this afternoon, after I had died a thousand deaths, and I started my internship on Monday, nice little internet service provider company – in the legal department.

I’ve been working like a maniac to get my January challenge socks (Vintage Sock KAL) done – both to the toes right now – I’ll post a picture when they’re done. The picture above is the beginning of my “Poppy” sweater – I’m doing a totally different yarn and hoping my interpretation winds up doing justice to the pattern. So far, I really like the results.

Below my yarn pr0n for the week. Rowan soft tweed and the Classic Spirit book. This stuff is luscious – I think I want someone to knit me a blanket using it :)!

Winter arrived with a vengeance on Monday – I think I need to make the “adult bonnet” that Cosmicpluto did or something like – is there any hat that would be acceptable to an 80’s girl?


7 thoughts on “Grumble…

  1. oooohhhhhh I like your new poppy sweater colors –it is coming along nicely! Hang in there my dear you are still very young and have your whole life ahead of you. Oh and I know what you mean about blogger though….its being quite a pain, earlier today my name disappered as a participant on a KAL and I am sure its becouse of my old blog not being converted.


  2. Your Poppy sweater colors are lovely. Can’t wait to see it on you.Blogger is always a pain in the rump. I am planning on moving my blog to my website. But first I have to finish the redesign of said website. This is going to take a bit of time. Glad your package arrived ok. And the new job is moving along nicely. Hey if you can’t moan in your own blog, just where can you 🙂


  3. I still like your blog!! Don’t worry…your friends will find you. That xxx thing was over-the-top spicy, but it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.Poppy…is that the one from Yarnplay or a different one? There’s a sweater called Poppy in Yarnplay, and I like the look of it. I just finished my Kitchen Sink Sweater from Yarnplay, and I’m wearing it as we speak. What a fun book.I converted to Beta Blogger and it went fine, but I’m not sure what issues you face with your photos and all.


  4. I know what you mean about blogger! I don’t use them for my blog, but I needed to sign up in order to comment on nice blogs like yours! They also hounded me to “upgrade”, and I resisted for the longest time, but when I finally switched, it was painless. I also had the same problem as Marisol, about being kicked off a KAL, as the host switched to Beta, but I hadn’t. Once I switched, I was back on. Don’t let the number of your age bother you; it’s all about how you feel, and don’t feel bad about your age. I’m on the backside of a milestone myself, and other than the fact that I want to be more physically fit, I have a young mind! Congratulations on your internship!


  5. Hi Karin; mmmm the colors for Poppy are wonderful. That will be so pretty…for you n’est ce pas? Glad you are liking your internship placement….Even though time limited..the placement makes a huge difference in attitude about school, career choice, life in general. was thinking about you with the new term. I hear you about the aging thing…most days not an issue…some days….i wonder where this middle age body came from…not mine…not something i would have picked out necessarily…oh well…so so so much better than the alternative…i will just choose to not think about it from here on out….but happy belated bday to you!


  6. Ah ha!! It is that Poppy. I found the Poppy-along and came to tell you about it, but you’re already there, girlfriend. Ok, I can be a bit thick at times.Great choice — I bought the book because of that sweater and then went and knit the EBTKS instead. I’ll be coming back to Poppy too…one of these days. I like your colours.


  7. You are all such Sweeties! I feel a little better – it’s all about the journey. Jayne, you’re right it’s “that” Poppy – could there be another 🙂 ? I’m really hoping that the Uros Aran will behave according to my plan (I have to knit-in the texture you would normally be getting with the Noro) and so far so good. Have you used the elann uros? This is the first time I’ve worked with it, and what a joy!


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