Nessie Says – It’s Not Too Late To Delurk!

I am late to the party – but I see a few other “fashionable” ones out there too. Vamantaknits posed an interesting question, with 150-ish visitors a day on her blog she wondered what drew their interest or “sent them screaming” (nothing at all – hers is a great blog!) I know that I am most drawn to knitters with a similar aesthetic and sense of humour. I had found knitting to be a very solitary sport – my family and friends just don’t “get it”, I’m just so very “quaint” and could I whip them up a little something? I love being in an online community where we all “get it” – with a cherry on top! So that’s why I started blogging and commenting when I feel brave. How about you ?

Thank you all you wonderful people for cheering me up – I’ll be OK – Madonna is still older than I am, so’s Pat Benatar and they are both more than fine!

And my cherry on top for the day? I have two patterns up on Knitting Pattern Central!! Yup. The two freebies on my sidebar can be had at the KPC as well. Woot! There’ll be more, cabled muffatees need to be converted from chicken scratch to legible. And a couple of “buyable” sock patterns are in the drafting stage.

5 thoughts on “Nessie Says – It’s Not Too Late To Delurk!

  1. Way to go Karin. Lovely socks and scarf. The scarf would look great done in JoJoland yarn. I have a lot from frogging the Pinwheel jacket. The color of the sock yarn just glows, and the pattern really makes the most of the yarn.


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