Knockin’ Em Out – A Couple More FO’s!

Two KAL contributions finished today :). I loved working on both of these but, I’m glad they are finished. (You can click the thumbnails for yarn / needle information if you’d like).

Top left is “Gentleman’s Lozenge” from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush and was my January Challenge sock. Look ma – finished on time! I used Yarntini‘s hand-dyed 100% superwash merino for these, in one of the semi-solid colourways. I love the subtle, hints of colour and the twist was perfect for all those purls in the lozenge pattern.

Bottom left is “Spey Valley” from Knitting On The Road, also by Nancy Bush. I used another “Indie” yarn for this. From RubySapphire, this is one of their hand-dyed sportweight yarns. Other than I didn’t look at my yardage before I started, these were another fun, fast knit. I love the little touch of vikkel braid – sometimes thats all it takes to “make” a pattern.

The new project for the EA Clark knitalong is the Swallowtail shawl and I’ve gathered up goodies from the stash for that project, Elann’s Baby Cashmere, don’t remember the colour, it’s a pretty Williamsburg blue. I need to get back to my Violet’s Pink Ribbon KAL sock, now that the January Challenge is finished. I’m making that one up as I go, the Lisa Souza yarn is yummy!

I noticed that my gallery has been getting a few visits – time to get some of that “construction” done 🙂 There are a couple new additions – I need to convert old photos to digital to have decent pictures – a bigger job than I anticipated! The “Non-Knitting / Other Passions” (from the Free Patterns sidebar) has been updated with some of those less than stellar photos but, until DD can give me another lesson, they’ll have to do!

5 thoughts on “Knockin’ Em Out – A Couple More FO’s!

  1. Well, we are in all the same KALs- Your socks are beautiful! You beat me in the Jan Challenge (I just finished mine and need to take pictures tomorrow)Swallowtail will be wonderful in Baby Cashmere….I’m still deciding if I am going to do that one??? I don’t know if I want another triangle shawl – but it IS pretty….decisions, decisions


  2. Oooohh…great socks! When you knit socks, are they usually for you or for others? I am quite hoggish about my socks.Congrats on having your patterns on KPC. My AP Bag is on KPC too. Fun times!


  3. Hey Karin; i just love those socks..and YOUR patterns too..(I just checked them out)…it seems there’s a sock on the needles in just about every room of the house here these days…various stages of undress you realize…anyway…my email didn’t work so i thought i’d answer here about the SWS…it’s pretty soft..way softer than noro…it felts like dynamite…it’s only about $6/skein here in Alaska-less with sales/discount coupons etc. Michaels and JoAnns carry it here…don’t know what you have in Canada…i think there are about 6 or 7 colorways (i have a case of each! eek) Downside-due to loose spin it gets fuzzy fast, not pills necessarily, just fuzzy, and it will stick very fast to velcro. it’s one of my favs. Knits up really fast on 7,8,9s. and i really like the long color change runs. that’s all. hey, my word verify was wchbrm…witchbroom…?


  4. Karin, I joined the swallowtail KAL too tho’ am not 100% sure I am doing it. I have that blue Baby Cash, it’s called Tapestry Blue. I did a scarf & hat with it. Gotta love the Baby Cash.BTW how did you do all those blog buttons? I can’t figure it out but have no teens to help. Email me if you can.


  5. Ooohhhh I love the Swallotail! Its coming along beatifully:)The poppy and scarf are gorgeous too!What was that? Is there a swallotail KAL? I’ll have to check it out:) I’m such a joiner…


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