Testing New Blogger Post – I’m So Technological !

Look at it go! That was virtually painless – I thought I would lose a lot of customizations but they all seem to have come with me. Yay!

So, Argosy – zooming along – love this pattern and the kureyon (which, amazingly enough, a skein with NO knots)!

On Swallowtail, I’m just finishing the second lace pattern. Still enjoying this very much, although as it grows, the knitting gets a little slower. The latest photo is here.

I’m working away at “Conwy” for the KOTR knitalong (behind the group on this one I think, but soon to catch up) and have decided to stop fighting with my Violet’s Pink Ribbon sock – it just didn’t want to be lace, so I’ve devised a neat little slip stitch rib thing and I think it will look good when done.

I have Yarn Pr0n! My latest lovlies:

On the left, the January Pick Up Sticks kit, yes, you DO see Applaine’s “Apple Pie”, just luscious! On the right, Tsarina of Tsocks “Kitri” kit – lovely, subtle pattern on these.

Yarn Pirate merino tencel blend – beautiful!

And the best Yarn Pr0n of all? The kind you win! Marisol was running a little contest in honour of Delurking Week, and Her awesome helper picked my name out of the hat! This is what I won – am I a happy girl, or what?

I’ve made some more updates to PS Gallery and PS Pursuits. Feel free to take a peek :)!

7 thoughts on “Testing New Blogger Post – I’m So Technological !

  1. Isn’t Argosy a fun addicting knit? I wore mine today for the first time – it’s a bit itchy for my neck, but I really like it (hopefully a nice bath will soften it)
    You are ahead of me on Swallowtail – yours is beautiful in the Baby Cashmere!
    I’m jealous of all your sock yarns!


  2. I really like what you did with your Argosy, using the Kuyeyon. Love scarves knit on the diagonal in that yarn. The pic on knitty reminds me of the colour of our gym suits we had to wear in High school. Oh, the horror of those things!


  3. Hello!

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and as a Ottawa knitter, taking beginner ballet, with a Swallowtail and an Argosy waiting to be started, I thought I ought to say hi. Your work is beautiful – I’m especially loving the colours in the Argosy.


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