Warning – This Post IS Long-Winded!

Would a “Squeeee”!! be appropriate? Oh yeah, I think so! Here is a finished Swallowtail shawl – unblocked to be sure – I need some blocking pins – but done nonetheless. Here is a detail picture of the lace borders and purled Russian bind-off.

I could not put this down. That is saying alot for me, I may be brave one day and show a picture of how extreme my Knitter’s ADD is. There are rarely less than 4 projects going at one time. This one though, was such a joy in every way and other than one latenight tinking session (how does one make TWO of the same mistake in one row?) it was one of the quickest things I’ve ever made. I have also finished one of my Conwys (KOTR knitalong), number two is on the needles already and I cast on the Gentleman’s Railway Sock (Vintage knitalong) in the vain hope to have some of the socks done. I am an enthusiastic, if overextended knitalonger!

Along that line I joined The Green Sock Knitalong, and totally forgot until I received a Flikr group update, my bad! I did have some gorgeous merino/alpaca blend in mostly greens in the stash, so I’ve cast on a to-be-decided pattern. I think I will downsize from the recommended 2.75mm needles though, feels like knitting with rolling pins!

Hoping to finish Argosy tonight – thank you for all the kind comments.

Les, I had one of those one-piece “bubble” jumpers in Intermediate school – they WERE horrifying! I didn’t care for the colour of the Knitty sample, but went back, scrolled down and there was a Silk Garden version, voila! I loved it.

Suzie, go for it! This is a perfect lace project. Small, simple and fun. I will cheer you on if you decide to go for it :).

Tola, not much difference so far, I’ve had pretty good luck with photos all along, touch wood!

I am going to “flash” (not the kind that Jayne has been doing – I need to decide how brave I am before doing that). No, I am going to “Flash My Dave Stash” because I am a member in good standing of “Shut Up And Knit Your Cabin Cove“.

OK, That’s a very small stash, I know. And the picture on the right is a bit of a cheat ’cause it is already knit (one of my free patterns), but I will be buying more, as soon as The Cove is restocked.

Have I raved about The Loopy Ewe yet? I received this little parcel in the mail today, along with some pretty yarn snips, a nifty little needle inventory booklet and a handwritten note. The shipping is incredibly fast to Canada – I think this was about four days and Sheri is a treasure!

I know I SAID that I hate bamboo needles but… I read the opinion of a knitting acquaintance who said she doesn’t care for the type that I have used previously, but she does like the Crystal Palace ones and whoops! Look what fell into my basket. I bought these because they are short (6″) and short is hard to find but ideal for my small hands, and I do like the nearly weighless feel. So we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Warning – This Post IS Long-Winded!

  1. The Swallowtail is utterly beautiful! I know about the frogging and tinking. I found a big screw-up in my Highland Triangle one night when i sat down to work on it, and spent my knitting time un-knitting 4 inches.

    You may have a lot of WIPs, but you finish them! I have such a backlog, but I’ve finished 2 this month and I’m feeling proud. Now if I could just convince myself to ork on one of my 3 sock WIPs…

    BTW, Staples is a very good place to get blocking pins, 100 in a package, I think, much better value than the craft stores with their stingy 20-25 pin packages. Look for them with the binder clips and so forth.


  2. Oooh, the Swallowtail turned out lovely. I can’t wait to see it blocked. Is it in the Misti Alpaca?

    Thanks for the recomendation of Loopy Ewe. There are so many choices these days (and so many wonderful things that I can’t get in Ottawa!) that it’s nice to know which online retailers are speedy and nice to deal with.


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