Swallowtail Shawl And Other Project Progress

Very first thing – thank you to all the wonderful people who left comments on my last post, your support and encouragement are so appreciated. you all keep me inspired!

Here it is, blocked and ready to go to its new owner, my Nanny C. I love everything about this, even the blocking, which I hadn’t done before, wasn’t as arduous as I thought. If you’d like, click the picture for the yarn / needle details. (I have a 2nd photo here).

I am making progress on a few KAL socks, “Dalarna” for Knitting on the Road KAL, “Snicket” (my re-written version) for the Fall Cable KAL, some pictures below. Detail of “Dalarna” is here.

The “Green Sock” and “Plain Winter” and “Miss Violet’s Pink Ribbon” are coming along too, but not enough to put up a picture yet πŸ™‚ !

Poor Argosy scarf took a backseat this week, as I tried valiantly to get all these sock-alongs under control – ha!

I seem to have acquired a fantastical amount of yarn recently – quick disclaimer – all of the socks mentioned above are being done in stash yarn – this is a complete accident on my part, although I am a little proud to actually be using some of what I have! Some of the recent additions came my way due to my recent birthday, certainly justified, wouldn’t you say?

Here is the Yarn Pr0n for this week:

My “De-lurking” win, isn’t it wonderful? It came wrapped so beautifully. My Artyarns Supermerino from Sarah for the “Wicked” knitalong, and (only two of these are new), Brooklyn Handspun sock yarn.

I have some yarn and needles up on Destash, if you’d like to take a peek and hope to have an update to the galleries later today. (I keep a page or two of knitting jokes, etc. that I’ve been collecting, under the “Knitting Funnies” link on My Other Crafty Pursuits (to the right) – if you need a laugh, just click).

14 thoughts on “Swallowtail Shawl And Other Project Progress

  1. The Swallowtail turned out gorgeous!!

    I am so envious of your “Wicked” yarn and pattern. I just came across that yesterday whilst window shopping at KPixie. Love that pattern and yarn, and my birthday is months away…what to do??

    And many congrats on your winning scarf! You deserve every bit of it!! It took me a day or two to realize that it was THAT elannite K from THAT water-cooler. πŸ™‚ Very pleased for you.


  2. Hi! A new reader popping on, I found you through Kelly at Hedgehog Knits. Your Swallowtail looks absolutely gorgeous. Very inspiring to see a completed version and hope I can have one myself some day!


  3. Hi! I am a Swedish journalist, working in Dalarna ( a part of Sweden) and I just ran into this sock “Dalarna” could anyone explain to me what it is all about.Who designed it? How could I get in contact with that person?Maria


  4. Hi Maria,“Dalarna” is one of several sock designs in a book titled “Knitting On The Road”. The author is Nancy Bush. The book offers several patterns with the name of cities or countries where Nancy has visited and added to her considerable knowledge of sock-knitting technique. The book is readily available through Amazon.com. I know we have members of this knit-a-long from Sweden (as well as many other countries), so you can likely find the book at a knitting shop. I hope this helps you and thank you for visiting at my website Best, Karin


  5. my previous post to you is gone…oh well….don’t think i’m ignoring you! your swallowtail makes me totally envious! and I’m loving the Wicked! you will look great in it…the color is most excellent! I’m gonna lady E all freaking weekend so it will be done sometime this month…god what a bore she is! Did you ever meet someone you were so excited about to begin with and really interested in for a while then realize…huh….not too interesting after all? that’s lady e. oh well,at least she looks good.


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