I Got Nuthin’…

Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock (ugly sock). Actually, it looks OK on the foot, but it is a rather unusual pattern, and could be death by boredom, were it not for this self-patterning yarn I found buried in the stash. I’ve actually started the leg since this photo was taken. (knitting ferociously during Thursday night’s episode of CSI – Grissom is back!!)

Everything else has fallen victim to the knitters’ curse – for every week of extrordinarily productive knitting thou hast – there shall be dropped stitches and forgotten yo’s in abundance for two weeks. Oh, and a cat shall eateth not one, not two, but four of your projects and barf them back out forthwith, leaving thou with an aversion to touching said projects.

Y’all have been hit by that curse right? No? I can send you the cat so you can see if it follows her. I can hear you all saying, “Oh no, she dit-int!” Oh yes. She did.

I started this “Brooke’s Column of Leaves” scarf, out of some really old but very pretty stash and thought a pair of my muffatees would be a cute match, as I’ve got four skeins of this. I did have a cuff and not just the cast on you see at the left this AM. Now I got nuthin’…. Damn Cat.

I did finish the Dalarna socks for the Knitting On The Road KAL / SAM3 and you can see them here. Snicket socks are working up slower than molasses in January, there’s just always something else that wants to be knit. Like “Poppy“, I cast on the sleeves and am doing random striping with no texture on the sleeves, just the lower bodice.

I’ve started a webring for knitter’s in Ottawa and area. I had surfed around and didn’t see one so, thought I’d get one going. It should be up and running soon and it has a home on my “Other Crafty Pursuits” pages at: Canada’s Capital Knitters.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who dropped in and left a comment last week. It was great to hear from some new folks and from my regular blog readers. You keep me inspired (and on track with the knitting). Come back anytime :).

7 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’…

  1. I think your plain old boring sock is really nice! And I’m thinking the cat gack scarf is pretty cute too! I have a yarn chewing cat-not pearl-my daughter’s cat Butt the EarSucking Cat–loves to chew on yarn and it gets so slimy…I’ve tossed out yards and yards of cat slimed stuff. but I don’t think he’s eaten any…that I know of…come to think of it…where did that ball of silk/mohair go…hmmmmm (I’m NOT looking in the litter box…no way)


  2. I don’t usually like the more intricate self-patterning yarns, but that combination of pale tans and greens is very attractive. Cats eating yarn? Oh, yeah, been there, bitched a lot. Don’t forget a few doses of hairball medicine, just in case everything didn’t come back up.


  3. Sorry about the Lady E but you are way too busy with lots of wonderful little things. Can’t wait to see what you eventually do with your yarn.I’m still struggling with HTML to get my new ring operational. Thanks for all your tech-y help, Karin! Couldn’t do it without you!Good luck with yours. 😉


  4. I Love the Column of Leaves scarf… I have one of my own that I’ve started in malabrigo in Jaen. Its amazing how many common items you and I gravitate too….Happy Valentines Day:)


  5. Happy Valentines from the cat. Not.I would find it hard to be forgiving to said cat. I was knitting a sock over at my Sis-in-law’s on Boxing Day, and (unbeknownst to me) her dog was slobbering away on a lenght of yarn that dangled just so. I had to really concentrate to ignore the wet part. Just knit it up quick and don’t think about it. Just knit it up quick…


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