Ever Have One of Those Days …Weeks…

A finished “Argosy” – with enough leftover Kureyon for a “Calorimetry” – I think. And, a finished pair of Gentlemen’s Plain Winter Socks, whew! These were definitely a little dull to knit. I was able to use up some rather old stash yarn for these, so that was good. You can click on either of the pictures for details if you’d like :).

It has been kind of a blah week, knitting and otherwise. The end of internship was rather anti-climactic and I was definitely not feeling the knitty love – I know – hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, getting these two mini-projects off the needles has helped and I’ve recovered my “cat loss” on the 2nd conwy sock and my muffatees to match Brooke’s scarf. It was good to hear from some of you who have cats with similar lunch preferences!

I did get some nice yarny goodies in the mail this week and that always inspires me to finish what I’ve started and then dive into the new stuff – nice thought when it works! One of the parcels was from Elann – that prize credit was burning a hole in my pocket, so I got rid of it almost as quickly as I got it :).

I think the blahs are kind of universal this time of year so when I saw this post over at Jessica’s, I could really identify. If you need some cheer, drop by and leave her a comment – it’s a really nice idea.

I still have some yarn orphans on DeStash – some pretty mohair that’s nice knit up on its own, or carried along with something else, some beautiful 100% alpaca and some really pretty cottons, so take a peek if you’d like.

And these are my precious-ss-ss-es

“Sknitches Syncopation” sock yarn from The SweetSheep, Sprightly Sylph Sock yarn, and I caught a VERY good sale on Silk Garden :).

7 thoughts on “Ever Have One of Those Days …Weeks…

  1. OK, you got me – where can I get the Sprightly Sylph sock yarn – GORGEOUS COLORS – how’s the hand and yardage?


  2. ooohhh pretty yarn porn…love that sprightly sylph…and wow…that musta been sooome sale on the silk garden…you know i’m a total No-Ho too. Argosy is gorgeous just as expected…you are smart to bail on Lady E…not good times…more like a freakin thesis…oh well..almost over.


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