Hog-tied? Blog-tagged? It’s All The Same To Me…

I was tagged last week by Bets (who, thankfully, has declared a moritorium on memes for a while. Thank goodness, ’cause I’m just not that interesting!) I kinda forgot about it too, until doing my Sunday blog-surf catch up (read as: procrastinating on finishing Brooke’s scarf).

So, here goes. Five never-before revealed, super-interesting things about me. Not.

1. My hair has been turning white since I was fifteen. It’s actually easier to be blonde than my true black.

2. I am good at lacrosse and practiced with Guitar Boy when he used to be on a team- go figure, for miss ballerina.

3. I was run down by an SUV three years ago – I will never roll my eyes at someone who says their back hurts again!

4. I LOVE shoes. I have shoes in my closet from the 80’s, and I have a particular weakness for cool sneakers and vintage or reproduction shoes. Pumas in four different colours, 6 pairs of Chuck Taylors (of course!), Candies mules from the 80’s. Imelda and Carrie have NOTHING on me.

5. I don’t watch television – other than CSI – and I need to turn on the timer to remind me or I will knit (or read) right through it.

Bet you’re wondering how you got through your day before knowing all this, right :)?

I’ll have some knitting for you later today, Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Hog-tied? Blog-tagged? It’s All The Same To Me…

  1. Hey Bets! You probably WILL see shoes on the days when I don’t have knitting :).Joan, it’s all music, all the time here. DH is a hobby musician and DS too, with a newly formed band. DD and I are both ipod (bean) nuts, and yes, you can see me knitting late into the night with my headphones on. Someday there will be blessed silence but, we’re not there yet :).


  2. Know that feeling with the hair color. I started going white in highschool too. I keep my hair a medium and dark brown but have just decided to let my stylist highlight with white so I can let it all go natural again. Should take a couple of reverse highlighting. Also love your Kureyon color for the “Argosy”! Happy knitting.


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