Last Nights MIA Knitting Content

Here ’tis. Brooke’s Column of Leaves Scarf, all done. I had quite a bit of this yarn so designing some coordinating muffatees was in order. Not quite a match, the lace pattern is large, but the cables on the mitts are pretty close. Details are here and here. I’m counting these blues as part of my Project Spectrum knits too.

I found a half-finished toque under a pile of WIP’s yesterday, not sure how it got buried, but I pulled it out and finished it this morning. It’s my Irish Hiking Toque, just adapted the IHS pattern. The Cleckheaton was so nice to knit with, silky soft, and I still have more left ! Nice to have the set finished.

It looks cute on, kind of like the Ali McGraw hats that were so huge when I was a kid – actually they are back in style in the crochet world.

The mailman brought me a very nice parcel today. The Pick Up Sticks sock club kit for February :). This one is going to be knit up real soon

C’est tout!

7 thoughts on “Last Nights MIA Knitting Content

  1. MmmHmmmm…good stuff here. I read the last three posts, and you’ve got wonderful eye candy happening. Would that Silk Garden be from a Little Knits sale, by any chance??Sock yarns look lovely too. And your Brooke scarf and Muffatees (still love that word) are beautiful. I think you buy yarn like I do. That always makes me feel better. 🙂 But how do you keep up with all the K-alongs that you do???


  2. Absolutely gorgeous scarf and mitts. I may have to beg you for the mitt pattern when I get back to working on my column of leaves soon. I’ve been trying really hard not to make another scarf and work on my poppy instead. I starting on the sleeves today!That Romance yarn from spunky eclectic is beautiful!


  3. Hi All!Jayne, you are good! Littleknits for sure, less than half price :). I never keep up with my KAL’s but trying keeps me out of trouble!Marisol, I’m writing up the pattern from my terrible notes, it’ll be here when you need it – I’m working my sleeves today too :).Joan the sock club is great, I’l send you details.


  4. I love your cabled scarf and mitts – beautiful pattern and heathered yarn. Oh no – another sock club – I can’t even look!!! There is something about sock kits that is irresistable to me!


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