Can It Be? More Knitting?

I know, you’re used to me just collecting yarn, but once in a while I have to knit some up to make room for the incoming (or just piling up) stuff :)! This is my Poppy (from Shobhana’s Yarnplay). I set it aside to work on some KAL socks, but am back at it. The bodice piece is on top, the sleeves in progress, on the bottom.

The yarn I’m using (Elann Peruvian Uros Aran) is quite different from Noro Silk Garden but hopefully, with a few minor tweaks, will look OK.

Just got a little something from Scout today – not yarn (yet!) but other fun stuff. My next project pattern, Chicknits “ribby pulli”, and Scoutswag exclusive martini sock blockers, if you click the pic, you can see the cute little stitch markers that came with them. I may be the last person to know about the bent-tip chibi needles, but I have some now. I fully expect my sweaters to finish themselves from now on – HA!

6 thoughts on “Can It Be? More Knitting?

  1. The orange Chibis are new, in a smaller gauge for things like socks and sportweight yarns. The blue ones are larger. There apparently were some few, elusive pink ones, but these may now be getting ridiculous prices on eBay. It is truly amazing how much easier the bent tips make seaming and weaving. I gave blue ones to all my seniors for Christmas.


  2. We gotcher Chibis right here…(silly me, i collect those colored tubes!…I now have chibi cases in 7 different colorways!.) love love love the poppy…i may break down and make it. i do like that colorplay book so very much! hurry and finish yours so i can decide!


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