Things That Make Me Happier

Thank you for the lovely comments about the Snicket socks – the yarn (Vesper) was a dream to knit with and I liked the cabled smocking. I missed some comments that were a bit further down on the posts, just wanted to answer about the Spritely Yarn. It is wonderful! Very fine, lightly twisted and the yardage is great – 560y / skein. Just wanted to say hi to some of the folks that have stopped by to comment – It’s always fun to hear from new knitters and find new blogs that inspire :).

Friday, I made DH happy by turning 1 ton of that decorative white stuff into a useable front walk and driveway! And here, along with a cup of tea, is the perfect antidote to all that cold, blowy whiteness:

The Petals Collection by Sundara Yarn for February.

And, if you haven’t already seen / heard about it, there is a new knitalong starting up this month – next Saturday actually.

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What makes me VERY happy about this ? I just got word that I’m one of the designers! Yup, submissions way back in November, test knits, all sorts of stuff that the wonderful organizers had to do, and on March 10th, the competition begins :).

3 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happier

  1. If I was giving out blog awards, I would give you the oscar for best eye candy. You have the prettiest yarns (esp sock yarns, oh my), and you display them in appealing ways too. That petals collection colorway, packaging, flower pic is just lovely. Makes me hope for spring.I love the pink sox, and the WIP’s. I am all in favor of embracing one’s own insanity in all its forms.


  2. Thank you Jayne :)! It’s Sundara’s yarns that make it easy for me – she has done such a great job with this club, just one more installment, though… I’ll have to find another one quick, my Postman will think I’ve thrown him over if there isn’t a packet once a week (ha-ha)!


  3. I can’t think of how much fun it would be to get a little something like that in the mail every few weeks! And the colors are the perfect antidote for the midwinter/endwinter doldrums. just lovely. and…yeah..what jayne said! I think I’m going to break down and do sample skeins at elann this year…make it a little birthday treat to self or something. you are an inspiration 🙂


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