Things That Make Me Happy

These socks. Off my needles! Last project for the Fall Cable KAL, my version of “Snicket” from Magknits. You can click the picture for details, if you’d like.

For the Happy Along, I wish I could tell you all the things I did to make other people happy, but this week, it was all about me.

I got a whack of knitting done on Poppy – not finished today due to headache yesterday (happy it wasn’t a migraine).

I got the preliminary final marks back for my course and my GPA was 3.86 – not bad for an old fart.

The cardinals are singing their little hearts out in my backyard – I think it’s one of the happiest sounds on earth.

My scarf pattern published at Elann last Friday :)!

I am making a sweater – just because. It’s the luscious yarn I mentioned previously and not for a KAL, a no-pressure project.

And I have happily embraced my own knitting insanity, well, part of it.

This is my sock WIP, uhm-m-m, all twelve pairs (I did rip out a pair a couple days ago). This is only the socks. And I actually want to cast on with some of my newly acquired stuff!

I thought I’d put some cottons up on DeStash, the cardinals got me into a spring cleaning mood! You can find them at the link above, if interested.

I don’t know if I have many Ottawa readers, but if you stop by here, check out the Ottawa knitting webring page. You can sign up for the ring there if you’d like.

7 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. it’s a veritable sock parade!…ta ta da da dum dum dum…you have a very very creative mind! or a short attention span…or both! glad you embraced it! And congrats on the GPA! hooray! and you are NOT an old fart…I was 40 when I went back to grad school! (we call it flatulently mature)


  2. Your Snicket socks look great – thanks for reminding me of that wonderful pattern. Love the pile o’ socks in progress — I don’t feel nearly so bad about my seven pairs on the needles. 🙂


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