And…I’m Spent! (Model Pictures Added – You’ve Been Warned!)

Oh Poppy, how I love thee (now that you’re finished)!

This is the interim shot until DD comes home tonight, and then we’ll put up an “Action Shot”. Here is a photo of the back, for now.

“Poppy” pattern from the Yarnplay book by Lisa Shobhana Mason. I knit this is Elann’s Peruvian Uros Aran (50% wool, 50% llama, say it with me “ugly llama face”), in three colours: Silver Sage, Palm and Peridot (which is much more green than the photo shows). I used Addi & Aero circulars.

I used random striping (which is way outside my somewhat regimented, symmetrical sensibilities) and knitted in texture with garter and granite relief stitches, to mimic the texture of the Noro Silk Garden, used in the original. Only a few modifications, I used the maximum amount of stitches for the lower bodice to get some added length, I used a provisional cast on and joined my stitches, then placed the seam at the side. I also used short rows and a three-needle cast off for the shoulder seams.

I really love how it came out. My intention was to stretch a little oustside my knitcomfort zone and with the colour selection, the sideways knitting technique, the random (!) stripes and a significantly different yarn choice, I definitely did that. I would very likely make this again and can easily see it in an allover heathered yarn, and definitely in some of my stashed Silk Garden.

I have some WIP’s (no, Karin has WIP’s?) Yes, shamed into action by that array of sock cuffs and yarn cakes, I finished the Snickets and have these pretties coming along nicely…

Half of my Green Sock knitalong contribution, which will probably be my SAM3 knitalong for March as well, and Love Song socks – the February ’07 Pick Up Sticks sock kit. My daiquiri and strawberry margarita socks – on Scout’s martini sock blockers – don’t they look intoxicating?! Ha ha!

As threatened promised – here are the “Action” photos (I was dancing – that’s action… sort of…)

24 thoughts on “And…I’m Spent! (Model Pictures Added – You’ve Been Warned!)

  1. The sweater is STUNNING! If those are ‘random’, would you do ‘random’ for me the next time I make a sweater?? The color combination, regardless of monitor distortion, is terrific, and I can see it becoming a favorite top.About socks, well, check my blog; I’m going to pull out some old UFOs, just in time for sandals. It’s 82F here today. Sigh.


  2. YeeHaaa!! Poppy looks fantabulous! I love what you’ve done here. Such a soft look in style and color combos, perfect for the upcoming season.I can’t wait to see you in it.I want one. 😉Hooray for knitting outside of the box. Enjoy the freedom.Hey! I’m dyeing up a storm over here. Maybe I should do you some sock yarn. I don’t think you have quite enough. yuck yuck yuck 🙂


  3. Oh my gosh! You look absolutely gorgeous in your fabulous Poppy! You know after a year of reading your blog I finally get to see what you look like!You look fabulous Dahling!


  4. I squealed out loud at the computer! I LLOOOOOVE it! terrific, wonderfu…now I have to do a meee tooo!!! Oh Karin how totally superlative!


  5. It’s great! What’s the granite stitch though??? Love your randomness – I had to knit the body in a dark movie theatre to get the random thing going 🙂


  6. Gorgeous (sweater and model). I came across your post at the elann site and came by to see your sweater in more detail. It looks great on you!


  7. Your Poppy-sweater looks absolutely awesome! I totally love the colours as well as the striping, and it seems to have the perfct fit! Very well done! Oh, and the socks are fantastic too!


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