Heartfelt Thank You!

Wow! I am overwhelmed by all the kind words, you guys are terrific! I loved making this sweater and hearing from all of you is so encouraging and inspiring, I’m almost speechless, thanks so much. There were a few questions, and I’ll answer them here (I can’t email back directly from Blogger, but always feel free to leave a contact, if you wish).
I had a question about the granite relief stitch. It is basically a double-size garter stitch that you make over four rows. It has a very slight eyelet effect after blocking, a neat stitch. And the sleeves were knit flat, I found the striping easier that way 🙂

A very small FO makes it’s appearance today: The Daiquiri Sock, finished at last. This is for The Green Sock knitalong, Socktopia March and SAM3.

I wouldn’t have thought of myself as particularly lucky, but just recently, I was the 1000th comment over at Zarzuela Knits and Crochets, and she sent me a prize – two skeins of Cascade Fixation 🙂 Jessica is also the host of the Happy Along – this made me really happy! And I won a contest over at Mama E’s, she had a vote on the favourite picture of FO’s done in CyberFiber, and I won a custom skein, named for me :)!

In other news… Just two more sleeps until Sock Madness starts! Have you got your needles oiled and your yarn wound? I am really excited to see what the competitors will be knitting in the first round.

And for Scout’s meme, One

5 thoughts on “Heartfelt Thank You!

  1. Love the Daquiri socks! What pattern did you use? And you are so lucky, winning 2 prizes of great new yarns. I’m especially craving some of “Karin’s Garden” yarn. Will there be other skeins in this color or is this a personally-dyed skein? I’d buy some, ya betcha!


  2. Hi CBM, The Daiquiri’s were knit with the “Fluted Bannister” pattern by Laura Gallagher. (http://www.kelthaven.org/socks/)I just heard from Erin (Mama E) this AM and The Sweet Sheep is going to be carrying “Karin’s Garden”! I have a link to Michelle’s store on the right hand of my sidebar, way down (sorry!) under “Stash Enhancement”.It was a personally-dyed skein, based on the colours in my hosta garden, but Mama E did have others up in her “warehouse” (linked to her name in this post). It had sold out – but should be at Sweet Sheep soon :).


  3. I went off looking at Mama-E’s shop and forgot to comment. How cool that you’re winning prizes. Fun!You’re just finishing things up all over the place. That must make you feel good.I can’t tell you how much I’m loving the whole dyeing thing. I look at those people who are selling their hand-dyes and I get a bit overwhlemed. Isn’t it a ton of set-up? Do you happen to know the easiest and least stressful way to do this (you know, where I would just list what I happen to have, and people could buy it if they want to). I don’t want to go whole hog, but I wouldn’t mind going small piglet.If you know anything about this, would you mind emailing me? jayne daht schmidt aht shaw daht ca


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