Happy Birthday!

My “baby” is sixteen today…

From Oshkosh and curls to ice-fishing and cards with Dad – where did the time go?

And… Because this is a knitting blog (but sometimes a bragging Mum blog) here is a little Yarn Pr0n to distract you from the lack of knitting content. I’ve just started a new job today after all my educatin’, and it is cutting into my knitting Big Time already!

Jaggerspun “Zephyr” (I’ve gone lace-mad) and two skeins of merino sock yarn from Fearless Fibres – dig the awesome button :)!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. What a hunky kid! Happy BD, Handsome! And Mom.If you care, Karin, there is a Yahoo group for Sivia Harding’s patterns and if you join you can access the files where they have helpful info on working the DFS. I’ve knit it twice so far (Sea Silk and Baby Cashmere). There are photos on my blog under Completed Projects. Have fun with your lace!


  2. People tell me that the bricks just won’t stay on those kids’ heads; they just keep growing. I swear that our DGD-by love was 4 just a year ago, but her mom insists she’ll be 9 in May. How did that happen??Looks like you raised a good son.


  3. Great button, and those green yarns are to die for. Dye for? ha ha haMy boy is 14, but your boy and my boy dress exactly alike. Does yours have this longish floppy hair that falls over his eyes? Mine does.Congrats on your new job. Will they let you knit? πŸ™‚


  4. hubba hubba on the baby…hahaaha…great lace projects…congrats on the new job…i think your kid has the same pout now as he had then…aren’t teens a scream! don’t tell him i have an (almost) 15 y/o dd!


  5. Thank you everyone for the B-day wishes! Yes, he does have that pouty face still – and sometimes it even works :)! Lisa, DD is pretty cute – with MSN, etc., you never know :). Jayne, he sure does have that hair (and vain as a girl) and, yup – 1 hour for lunch = a few rounds on a sock – yay! Joan, I’ll definitely check out the group, how did you like the Sea Silk for this shawl?


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