Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

There’s been a little knitting this week at Chez Karin, I fit it in between that time-destroyer called “Work” :). I finally wrestled the camera away from DD long enough to take some progress photos of my Elsbeth Lavold sweater.

And a detail of the lace sleeves. The stand collar is worked in the same lace pattern. The colour is a little more wine / burgundy than in the picture.

I finally have something to show for my MVPR knitalong. This sock just didn’t want to be knit! There is something to be said for listening to what the yarn wants to be, even if said yarn has been frogged and reknit a few times :). And I’ve started on my “Spring Fling” theme sock for Socktopia, hopefully I’ll get it done before March is over.

Wow! The first round of Sock Madness closed yesterday and it was pretty intense! There is a Flikr group where you can check out all the competitors and what they’re working on. The next round will be Duelling Dpns at Dawn, as the knitters compete one against another. The first round was done on a time-trial basis. The patterns become more complex as the competition moves along, so this should be really fun to watch.

This week’s Yarn Pr0n is my first kit for the 2007 version of the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club. I have been looking forward to this for ages! There’s even a little skein of emergency sock yarn, in the “Monsoon” colourway, attached to a keychain – too cute :).

I may have mentioned that I am an avid reader – if I’m not knitting (!), I’m reading. Over at the Elann virtual coffee shop, books and reviews come up fairly often. One of the books mentioned recently is “The Birth House” by Ami McKay. This went on my list a couple months ago, after my Mum mentioned it – and it’s getting great reviews. It would be a must read for me regardless, as it is set in the village where my Dad’s family is from and where I spent many, many happy summer vacations. I have these family pictures to share of Scots Bay, just for fun.

This is from about the same period as the book is written and shows our family home on the hill at the right of the photo.

A snap taken during a vacation in 1979, of the same house. I couldn’t find a more recent one that didn’t have family all over the lawn :). It doesn’t change though, a very good thing :).

5 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. Karin, thanks for posting the pictures of Scots Bay and the family home. It looks like a wonderful place. I feel like I’ve been there after reading the book. Your EL sweater is going to be beautiful.


  2. That Elsbeth Lavold sweater is going to be amazing… I love the sleeve/neckline lace! When did you start that?? It’s like an almost finished sweater popped out of nowhere!! Either you are VERY fast or I somehow missed the start of that sweater!


  3. That sweater is going to be da bomb!Isn’t it great when you read a book about a familiar locale? Around here, a lot of people read Douglas Coupland. He grew up in the Capilano area of North Vancouver and regularly refers to places I’ve been and streets, restaurants, west-coast culture. I love it. My fave bit was when he had a character go into a McDonalds back in the late 70’s, and I’ve been there and sat on the purple plastic seats and everything. Very cool.


  4. Found you through the Ottawa Knitters Webring, and wanted to say hi 😀I absolutely loved The Birth House. Truly and completely. I hope you like it as much as I did 🙂


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