Random Update

I am still slogging away at some socks for Socktopia, but I’m afraid my “Spring Fling” may have been flung!
I did want to post these updates to my patterns before I forget (again!)
Mad-tini and Mad-tini with a twist (fingering weight, more challenging patterning) are available at “Other Crafty Pursuits” on the sidebar.
Both are set up as immediate downloads, so you can start knitting right away :).
And… Team Koigu won the knit-off!! Yay – go team. The most completed pairs as of yesterday evening. This was really fun, and despite the aching hands, I think I’ll do it again!

4 thoughts on “Random Update

  1. Karin, I have to come clean with you. I have intense sockknitter envy. I see the beautiful socks that you, Cate and Suzann knit, and the flames of envy just lick around my ankles. But please, don’t stop showing us these beauties. I love looking at them, envy and all. ;-}


  2. Thanks guys! Benne, I bet if I saw some of your knitting, I’s be thinking the same :). Lisa, those are from Loopy Ewe, they are awesome and if you visit, tell Sheri I sent you – we could corner the market on her northermost customers :)! Jayne, me too! My eyes are always bigger than my tummy for that stuff :).


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