Put Up Or Shut Up…

I’m putting up a picture of my progress on Shut Up (and knit your Cabin Cove). This is a 50/50 silk/merino and it is heaven to knit with. One could almost consider frogging just to knit it again. Kidding! Making it up as I go, and more progress since the photo was taken. This may be waiting awhile as the new month has brought a slew of new projects for the KAL’s that I’m in. I belong to a ridiculous amount of knitalongs, but I do find it helps motivate me to finish things. Being a process knitter does really handicap my finishing sometimes.

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on comments (from my last post). I feel very lucky to have the circle of acquaintances that I do have online, we all seem to share a similar view, very cool…

I forgot to post this picture of some new wool and patterns – must be slipping! All from Loopy Ewe (honest – no affiliation). Two skeins of Cider Moon yarn, this just looked like Spring to me, I couldn’t resist. And reinforcing my belief that Canada will take over the world by yarn – Sweet Georgia in “blue fig”. I may just keep this to stare at until Felicia comes back (I hope she’s back soon) from hiatus.

5 thoughts on “Put Up Or Shut Up…

  1. Your Cabin Cove yarn is wonderful, moody and ethereal at the same time. Can’t wait to see the progress!


  2. So much pretty yarn on your site! I’d love to share your knitting basket. I have one skein of Yarn Pirate and would love to get my hands on some Sweet Georgia! I keep checking out the Loopy Ewe, but so far I’ve restrained. How’d you get that great bag?


  3. Hi Knitting Bandit – I hope you’ll check back here – you can buy the loopy project bags at the Loopy Ewe – it’s in the accessories category and comes in clear with red or black. It’s a perfect size for most projects.


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