WIP Wednesday

Not a lot of knitting to show, unfortunately, things are incredibly busy in my “other” life. but here’s what I got…

Still trying to gather up the yarn for “Canada” for the Knitting On The Road knitalong. I’m leaning towards Louet Gems Pearl for that (Connie needs to get back from vacation!)

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter – we had a double celebration with my Dad’s 70th birthday celebration on the Saturday, talk about food overload!


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Karin your KAL socks in progress are so pretty – I especially like your Little Child’s Sock….I’m going to get that one done at the very least and if I still have time will try to get Canada (forming a plan) and Waving Lace too! (already did the worsted version of Horcrux) and then there is all that other knitting…..


  2. You sure are making a whole lot more knitting progress than I am, lol. Looks like you’re on a roll and there will be many warm feet soon… 🙂


  3. Hey Gals – thanks so much! It hasn’t felt like much is getting off the needles these days, but progress is good too. CBM, the yarn is Ruby Sapphire “Theresa”, the colour is a one-off, but I think can be special ordered. Using 70 stitches and 2.5mm bamboo (1’s?) dpns. No mods to the pattern at all – it’s very well written and cute too :).


  4. Hey, I’m back already. Guess what???I joined Sockapalooza 4!!! I actually joined an exchange. I’ve never done that before. I’m so excited. It’s fun already, and we haven’t even started knitting. Is this why you do these?


  5. Oh Jayne! You are too funny (and I SO need a giggle right now). Yes, absolutely. It has a lot to do with “we’re in this together”.Hi Jessica, the IK magazine for the socks is Spring 2004 – it has a lot of nice patterns


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