Knitting? Knot So Much…

Ok Bets, I know it’s been awhile but, I did say “if I got nuthin’, there will be shoes” and, I got nuthin’. Except for a beautiful pair of Cons, one of many in my collection. These were bought in San Francisco a couple years ago and are waiting for some anklets knit in the Baby Silk.

Just kidding! I do have some progress but I’ve spent so much time today visiting blogs, catching up, commenting and tweaking my own blog, which I haven’t visited much either. For what it’s worth, here ’tis

Same socks, different day. We’re still doing NHL playoffs here, Go Sens Go! So, that does cut into the Saturday night knitting a bit. of course a true Chick With Sticks, always has a Hockey Night in Canada project – that would be the fruit salad socks.

For the Canada’s Capital Knitters, check the comments on the home page. There is an invitation there to a couple of knitting and craft events that are coming up very quickly.

If you’re looking for cottons for summer knitting, please take a look at my DeStash page (also linked in the sidebar). I have completely run out of room to hide um-m-m, store what I have :)!

4 thoughts on “Knitting? Knot So Much…

  1. I never knew there was such a site as DeStash, that is so cool! Not that I have so much yarn that I would need to destash. 😉 We’re hoping to move house soon (well, as soon as we find a house), and I fear what DH will say when he sees how many boxes of yarn we have to move. The stash isn’t as noticeable when it’s scattered about the house; it’s a totally different thing when you have to physically move it all.


  2. Your Sens sure are putting up a good fight! I so miss Hockey Night in Canada. Coverage of hockey in my neck of the woods kinda sucks. The socks are looking great too! 🙂Jessica


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