OOps! Forgot My Post Title…

Started work on my April Pick-Up-Sticks club sock. I opted to go with a different pattern, really liking how this is going so far.

No picture, but I’m to the gusset of my “Orange You Glad…” socks and have started another semi-lacy pair in some beautiful Spritely Goods Fey in one of the limited colourways – should have a picture soon.

My April Zen String Club arrived a couple days ago and is beautiful (picture below).

Can’t wait to start something with this – it’s 100% merino with a nice tight twist, my favourite :).

And I couldn’t resist some new colours in Zen Yarn Garden and Spritely Goods (limited edition SG), just ’cause a girl can never have too much stash!

8 thoughts on “OOps! Forgot My Post Title…

  1. What a beautiful sock, Karin. I just got some Zen Garden for my Sockapalooza pal. It is just gorgeous stuff.You make the most wonderful socks 🙂


  2. Karin, I’m loving the pattern on that sock. And you still have the best yarn p0rn on the planet. I swear, between you and Cate and Suzann, I’m gonna be forced to learn to knit socks just to use some of that fabulous yarn you all play with so well.


  3. Thanks so much! I wish sometimes that my sweater mojo would come back – but in the meantime, socks are great for trying new yarns and stitches – kind of like a wearable swatch :).


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