Did You Miss Me?!

I wouldn’t normally post again so soon, but I had some pictures and was doing a little bit of “Blog Housekeeping” with all the galleries and whatnot, so here I am :).

Top photo is my progress on my most recent club yarn from the Pick Up Sticks sock club. The yarn is a Zen Yarn Garden club exclusive – the merino / nylon blend, but I bet you could find something close to it. Roxanne is a whiz with colours (please bring
back “Yukon Dew”, mm-m-m-m, and how about “Northwest Territories Spring” for a new colourway? Hint hint :).)

Bottom photo is my progress on my “Alhambra” sock using Spritely Good’s “Fairy Duster”. I’ve had this yarn for awhile, but was almost afraid to knit it – it is so beautiful!

Housekeeping included an update to the 2006 Finished Gallery and fixing up the home page of Other Fibrey Interests, hoping it’s easier to navigate now. Some new knitalongs are on my sidebar and some have been “retired”, now that they are finished to the OFI page.

Have an excellent Monday off, my fellow Canadians and HOLY CRAP!! did you see the Sens / Buffalo game yesterday?! I watched the OT period on a TV in a shopping mall downtown and the whole place went nuts when Alfie scored – I am hopping up and down still – GO SENS GO!!

5 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?!

  1. I have to tell you what a bad influence you are on me – I am a member of a lot of the same SOTM clubs as you are, but then you get your hands on all sorts of <>other<> neat things that I quite often MUST have… what I’d like to know is how you get so many socks done so quickly?!And yeah, GO SENS!!


  2. Hi Deirdre, but doesn’t it feel good to be bad – muwahaha! I LOVE sock of the month kits, great way to try new yarns. I swear all the other stuff just follows me home – like the commercial with the shoes (oops! shoes DO follow me home too). The only way I get anything done is to knit on the bus and on my breaks or lunch, the stolen moments really add up. Not enabling or anything, but the HMiller you asked about is on Etsy – you have been warned :).


  3. You amaze me. How long does it take you to knit a pair of socks? Do you knit continental style? How many pair of hand knit socks to you own? Again – wow – you amaze me.


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