Wow! Lot’s of New Projects…

Better late than never :). My completed “Waving Lace” socks – the May 2007 project for the E.A. Clark knitalong. I kept setting these aside for other projects, but on picking them up again, really enjoyed the “flow” of the pattern and especially loved the yarn. I tend to hoard my Sundara Yarns, but when I do knit with it – wow! It really is a treat!

So there are lots of new projects now that we’re into a new month (I list them with the KAL buttons on my sidebar). I won’t be doing the “Canada” sock for the KOTR knitalong – seems somewhat unpatriotic, but it’s not speaking to me right now, so – to the backburner – the new one will be voted on soon. I had some stashed Regia that I’ll use for the latest Six Sox knitalong pattern. Vintage sock knitalong is still in the voting process – but I would really like to do the “Miranda” sock. My “Angel Lace” pattern (the next E.A. Clark project) is on it’s way, and I’m thinking of using Handmaiden for that.

My apologies to the gals I tagged last week – I didn’t go round and let everyone know they were tagged – I figure if you want to do it, you will :).

I’ll be doing some secret knitting in the next couple months – maybe can show a flash here and there and I am very much looking forward to this year’s Summer of Socks. Yay for Jessica getting this going again – last year was a blast :)!

Just a little Yarn Pr0n this week. My love affair with Zen String Bambewe continues – I had to grab this skein of “Chocolate Cherise” and also some of the merino’tencel in “Bloom”. Duets has come out with a fingering weight version of their wonderful coordinating sock yarns, so I had to grab one to try (I much prefer fine weights for socks).

My hockey team is still alive in the Stanley Cup finals!!! The game last night against the Anaheim Ducks was a real nail-biter! It would be totally amazing to have this modern franchise Senators bring Stanley home to it’s birthplace (Ottawa) but I must confess that with all those good Canadian boys on the Ducks, I can’t hate them too much :). Go Sens!!

5 thoughts on “Wow! Lot’s of New Projects…

  1. I can’t wait for the Summer of Socks! I love all your sock yarns…very yummy colours. The waving lace socks are a really cool pattern.


  2. I was so bad at the recent Nancy Bush and Evelyn Clark KALs – I really like the Waving Lace pattern and WILL make them someday – yours are beautiful in blue!(I’ve never knit with Sundara Yarn)I’m hoping for Miranda too!Thanks for the beautiful pr0n!


  3. Beautiful socks! I can’t stand it, your yarn pr0n is gorgeous. Of course, a talented, productive sockknitter like you had to have those yarns. The choco cherry is very intriguing. I can’t wait to see it knitted up.


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