Keeping Up With The (Sock) Jones’

Victorian Lace Socks Well, the new projects for all my KAL’s have been picked – let the insanity begin :). My “Victorian Lace” for the Six Sox KAL is to the right. I’m hoping to get this done by the end of the weekend. It’s a lovely pattern – quick, with a lot of “Bang” for the simple stitches.

I need to raid stash for “Miranda” for the Vintage Sock KAL and “Hiiumaa” for the KOTR KAL. I think the sock clubs will sit again this month – at least they’re always there to pet and admire :)! I am feeling a little frustrated creatively – work takes up such a large part of the day (longer commute) now, but I have all these ideas for new patterns and such…. I need to win the lottery!

The Handmaiden tee continues to progress – no pics, I’ve tempted the fates enough :). It’ll be nice to have something other than socks to show….

My Project Spectrum pictures for June / July (red / black / metallics) are all non-knitting. Odd that, I have lots of black yarn, some reds – a colour I love – but all buried too deep! Here’s what I’ve got…

PS 2.0 Go Ottawa Senators!PS 2.0 JewelleryPS 2.0 Chinese Dragon
Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The (Sock) Jones’

  1. Victorian Lace is a beautiful pattern. I am thinking of doing this for my Sockapalooza partner. But I need to finish the socks I am working on now. Cause if I don’t they will sit forever half done.Your’s look beautiful.


  2. Hi Gals, Thank you so much :). Joanna, I’m using 1 ball per sock for these – I might have got a shorter pair out of 1 (small feet) but didn’t want to take a chance. Hi Cate, nice to see you at Six Sox, CBM is a member too – it’s a fun, lively group, I’m sure you’ll like it :).Suzann – I totally hear you with getting a pair done before starting again – I am working through some of those forgotten pairs on the side – wish me luck!


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