Something Old, Something New…

Victorian Lace Socks I’m a little surprised, but I was able to comfortably finish my “Victorian Lace” socks today. These will be doing double duty as my “Here Comes The Bride” theme for Socktopia as well – hence my bouquet in the photo. DH and I celebrated 22 years on the 25th of May – flowers still look great don’t they :)?

I’ll be starting the “Hiiumaa” socks for the Knitting On The Road KAL next, using more stash yay!

Fairy Duster Socks My Spritely Goods sock is coming along (in between KAL socks – poor thing). I love this yarn – it’s incredibly fine and soft and the “Alhambra” pattern is fun to work, with just a little modification here and there.

OK, that’s it for this weekend :)!

7 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New…

  1. pretty victorian lace socks! pretty enough to wear with a lacy wedding dress 🙂 congrats on the years…its nice isnt’ it! and thanks for the link to the spritesite…mmmm a little enabling never hurt anyone!


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