Aarrhh-hh-hh – Yarn Pr0n Ahoy!

OK, enough piratey jargon :)!! Although I could go on, and on…. Yarn Pr0n first today – ’cause it’s also Shoe Pr0n – my other favourite. To the left is my SeeJayneKnit “Clematis” kona, my wonderful “Skully” stitch markers and my new favourite “skully” shoes. It doesn’t get any better than this. The kona is soft and squishy and dyed by Jayne – who I’ve known in Bloglandia for quite awhile now. She has gone from knitter extraordinaire to diva of dyeing – go check out her wonderful yarns and stitch markers. I’m in a piratey mood because I also got into the new Yarn Pirate yarn club, and I’m ecstatic about that (after missing out on three yarn updates this week, I was feeling a little hard-done-by). What else? Hiiumaas for the KOTR kal are just about done and then I have a little bit of secret knitting to do. Just in time to begin Summer of Socks 2007 and the Socktopia “Grudge Match” (go Team Koigu)!

DriftwoodSorted Into 2nd Years
HiiumaaL to R: Latest Zen String club skein, Hiiumaa progress, Harry Potter skein from Dharmafey


8 thoughts on “Aarrhh-hh-hh – Yarn Pr0n Ahoy!

  1. You always have the pretties sock yarn! I really like the Clematis and the skully stitch markers:)Shoes are pretty cool too! Hey it was really nice to hear from you… its been a while:)


  2. That was so mean of you to provide a link to SeejayneKnit. I was forced to click and I am now in love with more than one color. I love Fishy Wishy in a Dishy. I was totally unprepared for this temptation!


  3. Aw…thanks…nice of you!I love the way you photographed the yarn with the skullies lurking in the bumps of the skein.And those shoes! Want them! Will you trade them for yarn, lol!! (everyone has a price) 😉


  4. hee hee! Just placed my order for shoes, thanks so much, and yay! It’s Canadian!!!!!My word verif is fhtfbbe (that raspberry noise??)


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