Oh My Darling Clementine!

Whoa! Break out the ibuprofen – Socktopia grudge match is done! In March, team Koigu won the Socktopia knit-off, and team Louet wanted a rematch. So, on Friday at 1:30pm EST, a new pattern was released and we went into battle again. I was at work, and surreptisiously printed off the pattern (only one page, no tsking!) and did get a cuff done before the end of the day. Just wrapped them up an hour or so ago. (Click pic for details). Come on Koigu!
I was surprised at how my new shoes brought out the inner pirate in some of you 🙂 – I already have a first mate, who will hopefully post a photo soon. If anyone is interested, they are available at SofMoc (Canada) and they are Sketchers brand. DS has an awesome slip-on pair, same skullies in Freda Kahlo-ish print. Too bad he has size 10 feet!
Summer of Socks 2007 kicked off on the Solstice (21st) and I chose a celtic knot pattern and Fleece Artist merino sock in “Moss” for my first sock (well, actually my 2nd now I guess). I’ll post a progress photo as and ETA to this post later. Can’t post secret knitting, but it is coming along to. There has been Yarn Pr0n, but alas, not yet photographed. Blue Moon STR June kit, my June Pick Up Sticks kit, Dream in Colour worsted for a shrug from Sweet Sheep – so yummy! I’ll have them up soon. DeStash is now defunct, but I still have lots of stash to pass on to good homes, I can start a new page here, unless someone knows of a similar set-up elswhere in knitblogland?
National Capital Knitter’s continues to grow – it’s so nice to see, keep spreading the word!

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