And The Socks Go On…

At last, my first SOS ’07 socks are done. I really like these – the colour, the pattern, yummy! I am working away on the Miranda socks now – I likely won’t finish them by the end of July, but what the heck? Its summer :). I have spent all day today playing with my Dream In Colour Shrug – I do get sick of knitting socks (they’re just so damn quick and satisfying!) and the DIC worsted-weight is so scrummy, I just had to pick it up KAL’s or no KAL’s

I noticed that Anita has some updates on the afghans for Afghans project – please go and take a look, it’s so great to see this taking off :).

I wish I had more knitting done – especially after venturing into the wool superstore, craft room, and seeing just how much yarn I’ve managed to acquire in the last year. Holy crap! Maybe if it were in clear bins, I would notice more often what’s there! Anyway… here’s some Yarn Pr0n to distract (I know, I am a hypocrite, ha)!

Miranda Sock - Vintage Sock KALMonkey Toes Bag
Latest Yarn Pr0n

6 thoughts on “And The Socks Go On…

  1. Oh Karin they are beautiful. I love all your socks. I see you are doing the leg shaping on the Miranda sock. When I ever get around to knitting it, I think I will make them my normal length. You go girl


  2. Your Brigit socks make me upset that I’m not in Socktopia!! They are VERY pretty!(I haven’t started Miranda yet…)


  3. Thanks so much! Suzann – if I had seen all the problems people have had with the shaping – I might not have done :). It seems to be working allright, but I won’t know until it’s on the feet. Pat, you could still join Socktopia ;), not to enable or anything…Hi kasiaiscarly, the Brigits were done in Fleece Artist “Moss” – it’s wonderful yarn, definitely one I’ll use again.


  4. Those Brigits are awewome. And the yarn porn in the cello bag….hey…no fair…i want i want i want..(can you hear the whining in my voice..) hope your summers going well and you’re able to slow down just a bit for a while!


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